Saturday, October 2, 2010

I would follow you into the Mists of Avalon

Yeah October! Whatever... Playing poker has been completely absent from my life as I adjust to new surroundings.

I sometimes jump on for a quick sng but usually fall asleep or waffle-ize a gutter ball with 150 bb's into a 2 bb pot. That always makes me laugh and gives me more entertainment than watching a "domestic" lion eat the face off it's loving trainer/ master/ "father". Swear to god, I laugh at that every time.

Things are very busy with the business, the kids and the planning of moving forward. I dig the texts and emails I get from those of you that send. I want a break soon and think December will be it. I have scheduled meetings already and look towards a productive weekend. WORK WORK WORK! play!

PA poker is getting a little bit slower. Parx is getting ready to open their poker room. I know they have big plans and I will write about their opening as well as the first few weeks. It will be fun to see how that place implements their strategy of becoming the premier poker room on the east coast. That's what they said. It's a rather lofty goal with the Borgata and Foxwoods looming. We'll see.

Anyone have any plans on some blogger tourney's on line coming up?


Josie said...

Well Riggsy, since you're looking for poker plans...

This Wednesday coming up is The Very Josie and this December is the blogger thingy in Vegas baby!

Shrike said...

That is some screwed-up Waffles-esque title for a blog post describing how you are a blogger who doesn't blog.


Andrew said...

Yeah, that's a messed up title. Now I won't ever call you "Dad". Not even if there's a FIRE!

Look forward to the next re-surfacing of Riggs.

BamBam said...

You figure they have a good Scotch or two in Avalon?

Lead on then McDuff!


Shrike said...

So ... will you blog something if Roy Halladay wins the NL Cy Young, as I predicted he would?