Tuesday, July 13, 2010

WSOP Main Mojo

I've met some pretty cool cats the last few years inside poker covering a lot of the Borgata Events and just overall playing around the east coast.

Josh Brikis, one of those cats who took second last year in the 5k 6max is now within the top 20 of chip leaders in the Main.

Send him some love as he prepares for the most important grind of his life to date. Winning the WSOP main goes without saying, but getting yourself into the position to go deep, going a little deeper and possibly hitting the final table, and then playing the final table are all steps to obtain that goal.

We as poker players (I don't include Waffles) understand the stages during any particular tournament pose to perform and overcome. It's this time where focus, luck, and timing come into play more than ever because of what it means.

Send my man some mojo for some good fortune! Josh is a solid dude as well as exceptional player. Even if he is from Pittsburgh!


Anonymous said...

whatchu say bout Pixsburgh, fool?

Mike G said...

Is this a poker blog or a porn site where you suck off Steelers fanboys?