Friday, May 28, 2010

Back to Back JACK!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!  My main man!  My Bitches!  My.....  BLOW!

What can you say about this?  Al puts together the invitational for BBT5.  He gets some slack because someone releases the initial list (incomplete as well) and starts getting people all jacked up.  "I'M NOT INCLUDED??!?!?"

JJ was one of those, which was viewed as bit of a slight because he actually won the championship last time around.  Al releases the total list after some undeserved flack, JJ is on the list, and BOOOOOOOOOOM!, earns his TOC seat in the very first event.

Last night was the TOC.  It was a very tough tourney.  5k in stacks, some really good players, super structure, and the fact that most were playing super nitty poker because of what was at stake.  I think it took over an hour before they lost the first player.

JJ got out to a great start and never looked back.  I was off and on and every time I got back to the table, I saw JJ getting action holding AA, KK, and the like.  Just a card rackin' night, and some well played poker to boot.

My man rocked out with his cock out and just blew the final table away.  It was a sicko run and I'm completely and utterly jazzed for my boy!  I wasn't planning on going out to Vegas this year, but now I just may have to. 

Much Love for the man of the hour.  Back to Back Flack just lost his nickname to Jack!  Well played brother!

NYrambler and Adam72x also won their seats.  Congrats to those two guys as well as a seat is, for such a low investment, just plain gold!  Rambler played very well and hit some nice spots along the way and adam just seemed to kinda be sneaky quiet along the way.

We have to thank Al and FT for once again, making all of this possible.  What they have accomplished for our community is retarded in the least.  If I could compare it to something I would say it's akin to NASCAR putting up a race team with car, crew, and gas and tire money for a group of guys who sit around and watch NASCAR all day and then blog about it.  Well done FT!  Well done Al!


jjok said...

thanks bub! What a rush!

Joanada said...

Best comparison EVER, and sooooo true

I am still LOL'ing