Monday, April 12, 2010

OUT(road) RAGED!

We had an incident happen in these here parts on Friday that just doesn't make any sense.

Back story: read/ watch here

OK, so rte 422 is a very congested road during rush hour, whether heading in, or home to the city and back for suburbanites who moved way out west for a bigger house. It's an artery that takes you from King of Prussia to as far as Reading, and it is a busy busy road. It also backs up a ton in the morning rush hours heading east into the city.

Imagine driving that road every day, getting caught a little late, and realizing that what should be a 15 minute drive is going to take you an hour. It can be frustrating. Granted.

Here's what happened on Friday.

Two folks, one moron and one broad (you'll see why I use harsh terms) are driving east on 422, obv trying to get to work. Ones is a black fusion, the other a silver Buick Lucerne.

According to witnesses they were playing a game of cat and mouse. Both driving extremely erratic, chasing each other, even driving very fast on the shoulder of the road. One witness stated that he saw the black ford even hit her brakes rather hard. Obviously they are both engaged in unsafe driving practices and just road raging on each other.

What happens next is stunning. The broad feels a vibration in her car, giving her the impression that she was sideswiped. So she starts to pull over thinking the other guy will as well, but he keeps going. She steps on the gas and chases him to obtain the license plate successfully. She then pulls over and calls 911. It's at this point that she realizes that she is injured. Her elbow and leg are bleeding.

Turns out the vibration she felt was from a 9mm round entering the back passenger side of her ford, which then traveled through the car and hit her elbow and leg. (back.... and to the left. BACK.... and to the left).

This guy continues on to work (Center City Philadelphia), obviously not knowing that he actually hit the chic. He parked his car at the Radnor train station and took the train into the city. By 9ish he tells his employer that he's not feeling well and heads home. His boss later told police that he was very red in the face and not looking good. My supposition is that he got to work, fired up the ole internets and saw, as it was making live news, that some broad was shot on 422 and that they were looking for HIS car (the news stations had initially released the tag number but then removed it by request of the police so as not to hinder the investigation).

This guy turns himself into his attorneys office in Norristown and by 2pm is in the custody of police. The gal was choppered into a city hospital and was released that night in stable condition. She has refused to speak to the press and has not released any statements. Some news outlets have reported that her name was not released to protect her anonymity, but others release the name of Elizabeth Cox. One station even reported that they went to her home, a blond woman with bandages on her arm and leg answered the door, but a male said, no comment, and closed the door.

Let me tell you what's wrong with this...

First, the whole thing is a mess, and this guy Yannarell should be locked in a cage for quite some time. He is facing attempted murder charges, aggravated assault, and some other charges. He will be sued civilly and deserves to lose everything. By some accounts, as reported in the papers, he is a known hot head. However, he is also a productive member of society with no record other than some traffic citations. He lives in a very nice home, works as an engineer, and apparently had a moment of insanity. Again, I'm not condoning his behavior, in fact, I am indicting this guy myself. Knucklehead moron should be made to pay for his reckless behavior with time and money. Imagine if the broad has a kid in that car. Something that would be quite possible to not see if the kid is an infant and is in a child seat. I can't imagine what he was thinking being so irresponsible.

Here is my issue with the broad... and unfortunately, the end result here gives her a pass (minus the 9mm round in her thigh). By all accounts they were BOTH driving like maniacs. This traffic is no joke. It's literally a crawl at no more than 10 miles and hour, opening up in spots and then closing down again. There were accounts of them driving extremely fast on the SIDE OF THE ROAD, kicking up stones and rocks at the folks who were taking their medicine and driving responsibly. Obviously this chic played her part in keeping the road rage going and, according to my interpretation, she played as big a role in this as he did. Egging him on, prolonging the event, whatever. What we don't know is who the instigator was. Doesn't matter either. What does matter is that, again, by all accounts, both were culpable in this event.

Imagine if instead of this guy shooting at her car, they collide with some 26 year old father and he dies as a result. The chic is now not looking at a law suit for a few scars, but now looking at jail time herself. So that fact that she gets into it with a psychotic moron and escapes hurting anyone else in the their little cat and mouse game, she comes off looking as a victim. Which, in this instance, she is. Let's not overlook the fact that she played a part in this and what could have happened.

Road rage is a serious thing. It puts peoples lives in danger. This chic is lucky this time. Lucky because she didn't die. She's also lucky that she didn't take part in killing anyone else.

Mr. Douchebag is going to lose everything. His freedom, his assets, essentially his life. As he should. Without a doubt. It is incredulous to me that someone who is seemingly so normal has it in them to think that sending off a round or two into someone who pissed them off because driving slow, being cutoff, or whatever happened, seems logical, or warranted. I want to know what the hell this guy needs a weapon for in the first place IN HIS CAR.

Now, I'm making suppositions here that the chic played a part in this road rage, egging him on, racing with him, hitting her brakes after he pissed her off after she pissed him off. Could be that she was afraid for her life and just took off. I doubt it. It seems quite evident to me that she played a part, and lucky for her, they didn't end up hitting each other and killing some innocent who was sitting in that traffic.

Either way, she's one lucky broad.


1Queens Up1 said...

Serious question Riggs cause I havent been down that area for a good 10 years, did they ever throw up those "PA Road Rage Signs"?

You know, the yellow ones with the sayings that PA legislation about 10 years ago promised would be put up in high road rage areas and assured us that tax money spent on it would reduce road rage in said areas?

I know I-78 has em up when I roll in from Jersey, but I've always felt they were a farce because Ragers are going to rage regardless if a yellow sign trys to soothe them.

snakster said...

I agree. I don't find yellow to be a soothing color whatsoever. I'm thinking pale blue.

Frankly, if witnesses come forward that can testify that she was also a maniac, then she should be facing legal action as well. Getting shot at the end of it does not absolve her of illegal activity.

It would be like if I tried to rob a bank after hours. I break in and start my rounds. I soon discover that Jim also apparently decided to rob the bank, because he was in there stuffing money in a bag. An argument ensues about whose idea it was first, yadda yadda yadda, he shoots me. Now I'm the victim of a crime, but I still broke into the bank.

ajcrdstr24 said...

Interesting read. "BACK...and to the left" totally cracked me up!