Monday, April 5, 2010

McNabb... OUT!

I hate making this post on the day that Roy EFFING Halladay makes his debut, and the fact that it is opening day for the Phil's, with none other than the Pres making the opening pitch. In such beautiful weather as well!

There are way too many opinions out there that are just more emotional than they are sensible so let's take the 'ole Riggs spin on things...

First, McNabb is hands down a Hall of Famer, the best QB ever to step foot in Philadelphia, and one of the best in the NFL for years. That being said, let's look at what the future holds.

Oh, and let me say also that all you retards out there making the statement that the fans ran him out of town, are, well... Reh- Tards. Fans haven't had much input on anything this team has done since Reid started. It's quite obvious to anyone who has lived here and been a fan of this team that the organization could give a shit about the fans and what they think about how the team operates. McNabb being picked in the first place (or anyone other than Ricky Williams) is and was the first indication of that. Vick is another. So let's move on and take a look at why McNabb was moved now, shall we?

First, his contract is up NEXT year. The Eagles, and obviously other teams (by the way this whole thing has transpired) don't think that he is worth much. Actions speak louder than words.

Secondly, this is the only place the Eagles can actually get value for a top player and not have to worry about eating any part of his contract. I think it's obvious that the Birds weren't going to pay him next year and if that was the case, they get nothing in return. I also think this years draft will show another QB being taken as insurance or even as the replacement of Donovan. Kolb, I don't think, will be the Eagles answer. He has done nothing. They haven't let him do anything. He had two games with high production against the two worst teams in the league at the time. Other than that, he has had zero chance to contribute. Maybe I'm wrong, but I just don't see it.

Now, McNabb going to the Redskins is a head scratcher. There were three teams I thought had the best chance. Cleveland, Minnesota, and Oakland. Oakland because they are out of conference and would most likely need the help and willing to pay the price. Cleveland and Minnesota for two very distinctive reasons. They both have personnel that came from the Eagles. Reid has shown in the past to work with these guys more and both have a need. All of a sudden Washington??? That tells me three things. They don't recognize him as being a strong player anymore and he won't hurt them, and/or, they wanted that second round pick so bad for something they see as bolstering this organization up for years to come, that it was going to happen no matter what, as long as they could get that pick (or somewhere near it), and/or there is no way they are going to pay him or carry him after his contract and absolutely saw it mandatory to get something out of him NOW.

Also, you have to understand that there is no cap this year, and next year, a lot of analysts are expecting a lock out. No NFL football next year could be a reality. Maybe not, maybe so, so it's quite possible the Birds are hedging their bets as well. Get Value while you can.


One, it doesn't really matter in the short term. What they get for him that is. A second round pick is great. Better than what most people give it credit for. However, at what cost. The second round pick will take time to develop. Who knows if they don't draft a gem in the second round the following year? It's a gamble. This just tells me they want what they want now for a reason. They also just brought in two fantastic receivers. D-Jack and J-Mac will need someone to throw to them. I would have loved to see McNabb get another year to do so.

I can't see the Eagles having a winning season next year. One thing is for sure. This was done with a purpose. They already know who they are going to take with that second pick. The Eagles have been a great organization in that regards. Always enough to get to the playoffs. The issue with the fans is having 5 shots at the NFC championship, and not being able to get the ring. Unfortunately, that problem will always fall on the Coach or QB. It certainly isn't falling on the offensive lineman or Defensive coordinator. It's funny how people don't recognize that.

If they do have a winning season and Kolb turns out to be a monster, I will worship at the Andy Reid alter for the rest of my life. I liked McNabb. I thought he was awesome to watch. He had some issues (or I had some with him), that most outside of Philly didn't get to see. He threw a lot of players under the bus. He seemed non-caring about things. He never accepted responsibility other than the ole company line, but I contributed that to Reid coaching him on how to handle the media.

In the end, he will always be loved here in Philly. I would have loved to see him finish his career here, but something like that is a thing of the past in professional sports. I hope he goes on to prosper. I really do. I doubt he has much more than 3 years left in his career, but I hope he makes the best of them.

Finally, I think I have to approve this trade. If the Eagles think it's what's best for the organization, then so be it. They've been pretty good at those decisions. I would like to see McNabb stay, and I certainly don't understand him going to a division rival, but in the end, change is good. It saddens me, but I understand it.


lightning36 said...

We kept hoping that he would end up in Chicago a few years ago. Too bad (for us) it didn't happen.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I give the trade a C+ /B- overall. I think trading him to the Skins is horrendous, and frankly I think I would probably consider keeping him as our starter for one more year as comparable in value to getting a 37th and a 100th pick in the draft. I'm surprised we could not get more but I guess that's a reflection of Miggy's age and the fact that he hasn't been at his best or healthiest over the past season or two.

I can't in good conscience say that I "approve" of the trade when I feel like we traded him to the wrong team and we did so while getting insufficient compensation in return compared to his skill at the position, even at age 33.

snakster said...

The saints were one of the worst teams in the league at the time? IIRC they were undefeated going in and well on their way in their march to Super Bowl win.

You analyzing football is like me analyzing poker. 'nuff said?

Riggstad said...

$20 says Kolb is on the bench before or after next season. That Saints game was a joke. You could've thrown for a 500 yards after McNabb was gone.

snakster said...

Damn straight I could have; I have a hell of an arm and I got size. But that's beside the point. I'll take your $20, although it feels a bit like theft.