Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Joe Effen Cada

Played in the Poker from the Rail Event #1 last night. I think there was close to a 100 players. Paid top 18 and it was a silly ride.

I came in either 5th or 6th place. Don't remember. All I remember is being 2nd in chips to Vinnay's monster stack who had three of us doubled. I was officially second in chips but really only about 4-7k ahead of two others.

Vinnay led out UTG for 3k... I was in the bb with AdKd and made it 14k to go. He flatted. The flop cames all spades and I puked a little. I c-bet some horseshit 9k or so and he flatted again. The turn came a 4th spade, I checked and he shoved... I auto muck and he shows KJ with a spade. I mentioned I had AK and he said I should have bet more.

I'm down to 20k or so now and pick up JJ in the bb. Pinkystinky leads out pre for 6 or so and I shove for 20k or so total. She calls with AJ and binks an A.

The rest of the tourney was ridiculous with AT besting AJ, 22 besting QQ Vinnay getting AQ KK AQ three hands in a row eliminating the remaining two players to win the game outright.

It was a funny turn of events at the end there with the cards that were flying. It reminded me though how fun it was to play these things again and get back to having a blast with bloggers for a shot at some cash and of course WSOP seats.

Can't wait for the Mookie tomorrow. Congrats to Vinnay for taking it (reads mowing it) down and earning a seat in the TOC and about five-hundo FTW.

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BamBam said...

Am I allowed to be proud of my brudder for his good finish?

Just confirm with a simple yes or no, I'm a simple, SIMPLE man.