Tuesday, March 23, 2010


OK, so not really part III yet. There seems to be some issues with Poker getting up and running in PA as of yet. Some have stated that it may not happen until 2011, possibly 2012.

The real issue is that PA has yet to decided about the regulations for the dealers, the games themselves, and how the rake will be calculated. I'm not sure the casinos are in too big of a hurry as they try to negotiate the states regs for every other table game.

Philly Parx just sent in their first application for somewhere near the first 50 tables of the 250 they are allotted. Poker is not among them.

They did however issue a release that they intend to have at least a 75 table poker room. We'll just have to wait. For those reasons alone... AC will continue to win, at least for the time being. In the least it gives them more time to come up with some fixes. The city better be on board however, cause that is going to be a big piece of it. We're not talking about survival here. We're talking growth and sustainability.

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HighOnPoker said...

I was in AC this weekend and it seemed pretty busy. That's a good sign, for now.