Monday, March 1, 2010

2010 Olympics

These Olympics where very weird. Curling took front stage. Hockey was awesome. Tragedy. Entertainment. These Olympics were all about Canada. The most Gold medals ever. Vancouver. Parties in the streets, and awesome awesome hockey.

It was weird to see an awesome game, come to such a climax, first getting into overtime, and then ending on such a soft goal. But such an incredible game.

Norway took a ton of medals. The US set a record for most medals. (although I usually don't recognize silver and bronze medals - that's just me).

Did I mention the Hockey? Congrats to Canada for hosting such a wonderful event, an incredible hockey team, and a wonderful show of spirit throughout the games themselves.


BamBam said...

You know what Riggs? You're kinda' OK. But of course, that's just MY opinion!


Dominic said...

Saw the hockey finals yesterday. AWESOME game! grats to canada!

Shrike said...

I saw Crosby's goal from 50 feet away. I wouldn't call it a soft goal at all ... Miller finally made an error in trying for a poke-check and Crosby took advantage.

Thanks for the plaudits.


Fuel55 said...

Riggs for Prime Minister

Dawn Summers said...

I don't recognize bronze or silver either. However, as an American I also don't recognize congrats to US hockey!

Schaubs said...

LOL @ "curling took front stage"

NBC would have you think it was still actually about USA.

VinNay said...

I have to agree with PL, it was not a soft goal. Miller plays an aggressive game (that serves him well 99% of the time), and Cindy got the shot off faster than he expected. It was actually a really great goal.