Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pray - hope - send good mojo, karma, whatever

I'm no sap. Nor am I one to really give a shit about pain and suffering. I have no compassion. just ask my wife, kids, friends, poker pals, golf buddies, parents, siblings... you get the point.

But reading up on this earthquake down in Hatti is very disturbing. I think stuff like this is usually looked upon in amazement and possibly sadness by those on the outside... for about 2 minutes. Then we go on with our daily lives living in a false sense of security that something like that could/ would never happen "here", and how lucky we are to have not been in that place or have friends and relatives in that place. Then drink our coffee, or log on for some cards, or do homework, or wash dishes... you get the idea.

I read a lot last night from different sites. Saw many pictures and many videos. Read many stories about the rescue attempts, and how rebuilding isn't even on their minds yet. How their hospital system isn't set up to handle a catastrophe like this and how people are literally dying on the streets.

I saw a press conference form their ambassador recalling how Haiti helped out those countries in the 1800's and would look for some reciprocation NOW. The dude is recalling something from the 1800's in order to ask for help. Just crazy.

Basically a whole country is in flux. Family from around the world can't get in touch with those who may have been injured or worse been killed. How will they rebuild? how will they handle the loss of infrastructure? Humans figure this stuff out all the time. It's what we do. They will rebuild. The US will be there to help. No doubt other countries will be there to assist.

But for now, the event itself is unprecedented. I can't imagine the mayhem of what has happened. It was their Apocalypse. Imagine being the guy who thought that this must be happening across the whole world. "Oh man! The Mayans got it wrong by two whole years!"

So pray for these people. Send good wishes, or whatever act of spirituality you believe/practice in. All the problems you have are nothing compared to what these people are going through.

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Katitude said...

Hope and prayers and mojo are great, but I'm sure at this point they're needing supplies and food - send cash!