Thursday, October 22, 2009


As I predicted here on this blog, and in others comments, the Phils handily dissected the Dodgers and now advance on to the 2009 World Series for a chance to take back to back titles.

This would be a feat that hasn't happened ever in Philadelphia, and not since the 70's in the NL. It looks as if the Yankees will be their opponents as they have just plowed through the Angels, in what has become sort of a disappointment for most baseball fans.

I for one would rather see the Phils play the Yankees because I think their chances are better against them. I just don't see them matching up against the Angels as well, although I do think the Yankees are a better club, if that makes any goddamn sense. (I'll have numbers in the preview post to prove that)

That match is still undecided and the Angels have an opportunity to keep it going tonight.

Most of the media would have you think that the series between the Phils and the Dodgers was a very competitive one with most giving the Dodgers the edge and picking them to win. But as I stated, and as the team proved, LA never really had a chance.

The biggest component of this was their inability to get a scoreless inning after scoring themselves. Time after time throughout the series the Dodgers would score, and the Phils would come right back in the bottom half and either take the lead, or put up at least one more run. This is demoralizing for a team that is clearly over matched, and one that clearly understood that.

One of the matchups highly touted in favor of the Dodgers was Broxton v Lidge. First, Lidge has struggled in the regular season, but has yet failed in his attempts to save a game, even garnishing a win in one. Broxton is a big, hard throwing closer with pitches that get into the 100's. But as I stated before, any major leaguer is capable of hitting a fastball. Fast just doesn't do it. You gotta have movement and placement, a'la Wagner in his prime.

Moving into the World series, I think the biggest thing the Phils have going for them is the fact that they never give up. They are the best at coming back, and very rarely are they giving up a late inning lead.

Assuming the Yanks finish it off tonight, I will have my Phils v Yanks preview tomorrow. This matchup should be a huge lift for Baseball as it will pit two very strong lineups against each other in two parks that have allowed the most home runs this year with NY's park being 1 and Phils being 2.

The funny thing about that stat is that the Phils have hit more home runs on the road this year than in their own park. What does that say about this series? With 7 home runs hit last night alone, and 14 throughout the series (most ever in an NLCS I believe), the Phils bats are primed and ready to go.

Arod is on an unbelievable hot streak right now batting something like .420 and tying Ryan Howard for RBI's in a Championship series. I was disappointed that Ryan couldn't keep that streak up last night walking twice and striking out twice for an 0-2 performance. Aroid probably breaks that stat tonight as well, and if he does, they probably win and move on to the WS.

It is definitely exciting times here in Philadelphia. Haters abound throughout the media, message boards, and even here locally. Some very insecure and low self esteem fans are out there just rather bashing than respecting. If you can't respect this team for what they have accomplished to date, you're just a piss ant of a human being and can't recognize and appreciate greatness for what it is. I also feel sorry for them for not being able to enjoy what has truly been a team effort the whole way through these accomplishments. I don't know that I can recall a time, in any sport, where one TEAM has really been so close and where everyone has done their part to accomplish the greatest in it's arena... Save the US Olympic Hockey Team.

Congrats to the Phils!


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I think the Yankees are clearly much better than the Angels -- both in pitching and in hitting -- and I would much, much prefer to face the Yankees than the Angels. Phillies-Angels would be a boring series that I think we would probably crush in, but having won the WS already last year I just can't get the idea of a Yankees - Phillies matchup out of my head this year.

As I've been saying this would be a matchup of the two best teams in baseball this year, pitting the two best, hardest-hitting lineups in the majors, the two best comeback teams, and two of the most solid short-series starting rotations in the game against one another. I would much rather face the Yankees because I know they are the best team and the best matchup for the Phils.

Btw we are lucky as balls that we didn't need any saves in this entire series. I knew we outmatched the Dodgers in offense, defense and starting pitching, but I had no idea we would crush this team so bad that Lidge would not be given the chance to ruin the series. If I were the coach though I wouldn't even have Lidge on our roster for the WS -- Brad Lidge against the Yankees' lineup in the 9th inning, either at Yankee Stadium or at the Bank, scares the bejeezus out of me.

Riggstad said...

Obviously the Yanks are much much stronger club. I dig your wish to play against them because you want to win against the best. I agree.

But I also like their match ups better as well. I just think that the Phils have a better chance against the Yanks than they do the Angels.

When I do the write up I will post numbers that I have found against each teams performance versus each others pitchers, bull pens, parks, etc.

I think you'll see what I mean. With limited numbers though (lack of games played) my point will be a little of a reach.

The thing I think about in the event of a Phils Yanks match up is cleveland. The two starters for each club (Lee and Sabbathia) both came from Cleveland. Makes me giggle a little.

OhCaptain said...

Yankees suck. I'd fear the heart of the Angels. Yankees have to win or look like failures. Besides, the Yankees suck. I hate the Yankees. Did I mention that?

Congrats to the Phillies!

smokkee said...

Angels aren't out yet. They showed last night how much heart that team has.

congrats to your team for winning the NLCS and a possible shot at the repeat. It's not going to be easy no matter who they face in the WS.