Friday, October 16, 2009


Wow, what a game. And what a friggin' heart attack. I love playoff baseball as you should because of the drama that ensues. No matter the opponents, it's always a game.

My Phil's pulled it off but not without some retardedness cocksuckery from nearly everyone.

First, let me start out by giving props to Kershaw. This kid is wicked stupid with the shit he throws. Just some nasty craziness that will someday win him a Cy Young IMO. But his youth goes against him in playoff baseball and I think he rattled a piece or two.

Second, let's look at the bottom half of the 6th inning after the Phils took a 5-1 lead. The biggest mistake I saw was the AB against Manny. Hamels is still in and obviously frustrated and tired and not feeling himself. Whatever reasons, I don't care... You're a professional. Kid, no kid, cheating wife, failing kidney. Get it the fuck done. The mistake I am referring to is when he gets behind in the count to Manny 2-0 after throwing 2 change ups in the same spot.

See, at this point, you can't throw any pitch RIGHT DOWN THE GODDAMN MIDDLE. Christ, just walk the damn guy, but you can't give him a pumpkin to hit. Which is exactly what Hamels did by throwing a third change right down the middle in the bottom third of the plate. So ghey. Of course Ramirez hits it into the Pacific. Christ Hoy could probably have done so.

The next mistake was Charlies in the 8th. Chan Ho Park came into the bottom of the 7th and just dealt. He was a sicko. Why the hell are you taking him out? I understand he was pinch hit for , but for no real reason at all. I think his arm in the 8th would hold more value than a no one on, 1 out pinch hit.

Lidge comes on in the 9th and gives up a lead off hit holding a 2 run lead. Then, gets gifted a double play, which he is rarely afforded by his pitching style. Regardless of how or why, he gets it done and the Phils take game 1. A very important game for both teams I might add in this series.

The thing that is telling for me is the fact that the Dodgers only scored 6 runs on 14 hits, going 3-14 with men in scoring position. That is just a heartbreaker and motivation killer for a team. They hit well, but couldn't get it done as the Phils scored 8 on 8 hits.

Hamels gets the win and Lidge the save giving him 16 post season saves. I don't understand the hype here with most media outlet talking heads giving the advantage to the Dodgers. Anyone worth their weight in baseball knowledge can look at these lineups and clearly see a huge advantage to Philadelphia. Obv, their bullpen is the sore spot for the team, and I know paper doesn't win championships, but Philadelphia's offense should be able to make up for the holes in their bullpen.

They put 7 of their 11 pitchers on the mound tonight. I'm guessing that's how Charlie is going to continue throughout the series. Last year it was Madson, Lidge, game over. This year, it's a whole new animal.

It's one game and in no way am I saying this is over. Baseball playoffs are a funny monkey and anything can happen, but I'm liking how it is playing out. How about Ibanez? Phillies management is looking pretty goddamn smart right now. How about Chooch (Ruiz)? Possibly the most consistent player at the plate right now, and Mr. Fucking Clutch!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's 4pm start and hopefully heading back home with a 2-0 lead. Pedro will determine that!


smokkee said...

pretty awesome game. the Dodgers left a ton of men on base which was pretty frustrating. i'd be really surprised if they drop both games at home to open the series.

a 7 game series would be pretty kick ass IMO.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Congrats to us man.

Agree 100% with Hamels vs. Manny. I woulda walked him intentionally with first base open and I think obviously that's what should have been done given Manny's past postseason history.

Personally, I would have kept Happ in for the final four innings and just let him close the game out. I will never understand why Charlie hasn't figured out that that's his best move in the post-season here, especially if Happ and Blanton aren't going to start games for us. You have guys who are already accustomed to throwing 4, 5 innings easily, but instead he wants to give these guys the quick hook and then end up with Lidge out there in the 9th. It's not smart, but Manuel is obviously way too loyal to his players.

As I wrote yesterday, there is no doubt that we have the best short rotation and the best lineup in the National League, certainly better than the Dodgers. We just need to keep from blowing games in the 9th and we should win.

And big ups to Carlos Ruiz. I love that guy. He went up and tomahawked that shit didn't he?

Oh an I believe in P-Mart tonight, he will show up to play his biggest start of the season. I can't see another 130-pitch complete game or anything, but I bet he gives us 80-90 pitches of solid performance. Hoepfully that gets him through 5 and maybe even through 6 at best. And then we just gotta hope Manuel doesn't do his usual and keep the pitcher in about 4 batters too long.

Riggstad said...

I think Pedro will throw his arm off tonight and pitch in to the 7th giving up no more than 4 hits and maybe a run. Pedro has already said he is ready and is going to have his best stuff. He lives for this kind of shit as well. We'll see.

I think Padilla is going to get shelled by our lineup. Last nights win was a very big boost for the team.

I can see the Phils leaving LA up 2 very easily.

Of course, it is Pedro, and it is playoff baseball. I loved Padilla when he was here. Who the hell knows what's going to happen this afternoon. I can't wait to watch though!

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Every night I expect the opposing pitcher to get shelled by our lineup. And I'm usually not disappointed.

It's Lidge I worry about. That futher mucker.

Shrike said...

Pedro shows why he's a Hall of Famer ... and the Phils find a way to waste his quality start in demoralizing fashion. I predict the Dodgers win from here on out.


Dawn Summers said...

So, you're just not going to blog about anymore games till the World Series?

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Nice prediction up there from PL.

Wooooooot for us!

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Riggstad said...

LOL @ PL. you should stick to analyzing U2 and famous guitar players :) Oh and PLO and stud/8 bad beat recaps. OH NO I DIDN'T!!!

The Dodgers really never had a chance against this team. The Phils are not a team that gets demoralized either.

I did call that Pedro outing though. Props to me. Ship!

NLCS game 4 write up posted. Re- Ship!