Friday, October 9, 2009

Handicapping the November 9 and THE WORLD EFFING CHAMPIONS

If you don't know already, Alcanthang runs the Full Tilt blog over here. He recently asked Spaceman and myself to handicap the final 9 players in this years WSOP.

Go check it out. We are doing it in three parts which includes three players per part starting with the highest stacks. Part 1 is up now. Go read.

Let's take a look at yesterday's debacle for the Phillies. Yes it was a debacle for two reasons. One, I get that Charlie thinks that the game is winnable, and yes, if they win game two, the series is all but wrapped up. So I give him credit for trying. But what I am referring to is the fact that he used two starters as relief pitchers.

My question is, if you are not going to use Eyres, Durbin, or Condrey, why have them on the roster? This is so unlike Charlie.

The question about Hamels even starting has to be asked as well. It's a tough decision to pull your number 1/2 starter out of the rotation but let's look at two poignant facts. first, he is win less with a +5 ERA in day games. Secondly, the guys wife went into labor yesterday. While he was pitching. Charlie stated he was taking him out anyway because of the performance (which allowed Hamels to leave the ball field immediately). If the guy's head is elsewhere, why even start him?

I understand, professionals and all, I get it. I also get that the phils never really got their bats working until late. A little too late as it were (It wasn't until the 7th inning that they put a runner in scoring position) But the more important fact to look at is why is he sending Happ or Blanton in as relievers? Things like this really sink a season... or playoff run for that matter.

If their bats get hot, they should fly through the NLDS and CS. People also underestimate, or take for granted their defense. Arguably the best in the league. But Hamels and Lee have to win every time they step on the mound. We've already lost one. I'm not worried about Colorado. I still think it's going to be easy to get through at least one game in Denver, if not both. If it does get back here, Lee will be pitching and it should be a cake walk.

Taking 5 games to dispatch a lesser team will take a little of the swagger off of the Phils though, and going against LA (I'm not counting out the Cards yet, but it can't look good for their fans), is going to be a different story. And if it is the Cards, look the hell out. That will be one hot team having won 3 to make it to the NLCS.

I have faith in Charlie though, and certainly the rest of the team. I'm not going to discuss the probabilities of playing in the World Series yet, and who they may face. Let's get through Saturday first.


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Agreed on all counts man. I was as shocked as you were to see both of Blanton and Happ in there yesterday. One of them I think is fine, but both was a strange move. Ironically, Happ getting hurt by the line drive might possibly have saved him enough that he can pitch (and win) Game 4 for us and then that would be fine, but I agree I think Charlie got a little scared there and let his fear make him make a couple of decisions he should not have.

No reason to fret at this point though. Split in Philly, split in Colorado and then if you're not picking the Phils to win Game 5 at Citizens Bank Park and with Cliffly on the mound, then you're just not paying attention.

Still, yesterday did suck.

Mondogarage said...

"I still think it's going to be easy to get through at least one game in Denver, if not both."

Dude, do *not* underestimate Colorado. Just sayin'.

The Rox scored the 2nd most runs in the NL (right behind Philly), and had the 8th or 9th best team ERA in the majors. Which is only okay, until you consider they play in the greatest offensive park ever built.

Yes, Philly should win this series, and they are a slightly better team. But the Phils won, what, 93 games during the season? The Rox won 92.

And don't underestimate how difficult is it for a 37-year-old, stiff-necked pitcher, to stay warm enough to execute in 28 degree weather. (Of course, the weather will have a real effect on both ballclubs). Weather's supposed to be a good deal better on Sunday. I don't know why Charlie doesn't start Blanton in Game 3 and Pedro in Game 4, frankly.

All I'm really saying is, that obviously no one from the land of Eastcoast Sports Networks has given a shit about the Rox all year. And while that's fine and dandy, it often translates to the same people not actually knowing much about the Rockies.

The Phillies are a better team. But not *that* much better to where the Phils should "easily" win any of this.

Of course, if it goes back to a Game 5 in Philly, big advantage if Charlie holds back Cliff Lee for the start.

Should be a fun if I can just find those long johns and parka for Coors Field tomorrow night.

lightning36 said...

Gawd, this hurts to be watching the playoffs from the sidelines this year.