Monday, August 31, 2009


I got nothing. really. Came back from vacation a week ago and just have been playing catch up.
School starts for the tribe next week, fantasy drafts all this week, and out everyday this week spending money on the kids for school supplies and other "fall" stuff.

The Borgata Open starts up in two weeks. I'll be covering that along with Al and Gorilla again. I also have some big Charity events coming up as well.

I just don't feel like writing about any of it. I'm in a slump I think. Nothing excites me anymore. There's a lot of things happening with the business that should be interesting to write about. Many things I have heard and read about in the online poker world that needs to be deciphered that could be interesting. I'm just not into it. Who knows. Maybe in a week I'll feel better.


Dawn Summers said...

Any suggestions for good free fantasy football drafting advice? i have one on wednesday and i got no clue!

Shrike said...

You must be feeling faint from all the weight you've lost ... yeah, that's it!


Sean D said...

Have faith brother!