Monday, July 6, 2009

Gone Fishin'


I know a few who will be happy with the news. I know a few others who will be disappointed.

To them I say... See you in December :)

Best of luck to those playing in the WSOP. I will be following via Blackberry. (I can't/ won't give that up).

Flies and tippet and nymphs, and copper johns will fill me days. Scotch will help us solve the world's problems by night.

I owe Astin an email before I giddy up. Which I will do shortly.

See you on the other side


BamBam said...

Not sure where you're slinging the line around, but may I suggest the Pheasant Tail be tied onto your leader.

Huge hit around these parts through most of the Summer.

Good Luck!

Katitude said...

The hell with catching the big one, I hope you catch some R&R!

BWoP said...

What??? No Vegas?


Sean D said...

Take care of your wife, your family and YOURSELF!