Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Time to muscle up

Waffles sense of urgency in the weight loss department has spurred my interest in losing the some lbs. Obviously he is doing this because his wife wants to leave and he needs to be in shape in order to have any chance at even a middle aged hottie.

I've been riding the bike, working out at the gym a little, but I realized, having spent the better part of last month in a Casino, that watching not just what you eat, but how much of it is paramount to any success in health. Not just losing weight either, but general health over all.

I need to make a ton of changes. Stopping the chewing tobacco, quitting the late night meals, actually eating breakfast, and no more eating 4 dinners because the kids didn't finish their plate.

So, I was speaking to a few people about this during some down time while covering the tournament series. It was really unbelievable to me the amount of folks who are on this seemingly endless journey. Everyone seems to be really hunkering down and moving on their plans to become healthier.

So speaking to a few of those people, and some others while I'm here at the Borgata, I got some advice. In the end - What I found was a really cool site that offered the products I thought would fit me perfectly and my lifestyle, as it is today. That is being on the go, 57 kids, playing poker, etc, etc.

This site right here offered me some very cool products and information to help me along my journey. Not only do they have the products, but you get help. Coaching is available, and all sorts of things not only for losing weight, but general health benefits overall.

I know Kelly. She's a server here at the Borgata and told me about this stuff. She's very knowledgeable and is going to work with me. When it comes to stuff like this, sheer will power isn't enough. I need a plan, nomenclature, and a coach to plug me along. With these products, and her help, we'll see what can happen. I predict huge success.

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SirFWALGMan said...

I really hate those cleanse infomerials on SciFi in the morning. Good luck Riggs! You can do it!