Tuesday, June 2, 2009


June is Reading Month!!

With so much going on this month in the World of Poker, there will be more than enough content to follow. The whole WSOP thing going on, Boragata will be hosting their Summer Open, which you can follow here.

My crew and I will be down there blogging away the entire month. This time around you will be able to see some vids, listen to some audio, and get a chance to read some guests posts from some very talented pros, writers, and over all goofballs!

After the Borg, I will be making my way out to Vegas for the lifestyle show (I think they are calling it Poker Palooza this year), and will spend a couple 4 days, or until business is wrapped up.

Good luck to all of those in the TOC and to those who travel to Vegas for any part of the WSOP. I'm short on content these days so I will leave you with a vid from the 80's. Very Very Busy... Just trying to get it done!

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