Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The, uh, plaque for the alternates is down stairs in the lady's room

The weekend came and went without any real notion of value. It was the boy's 3rd birthday and it seemed more about being everywhere on time more than it was enjoying where we got.

The kitchen and upstairs bathroom are being done so we've been put out a bit for the last week, and all of this week. No biggie, but it makes for some interesting bathing arrangements and dining options.

We took the boy to the zoo for his birthday. Apparently, everyone else brought their kids as well as the place had no parking left. We spent probably 3 hours there and went back to the house for pizza and sandwiches.

Sunday was the party at Mema's house but not until the afternoon. So I decided it was a good time to get the first round of the year in. We played at a muni course, designed by Donald Ross, which is one of my fav's.

The weather was nice and the course was overbooked by some 30 players so it took us an extra hour to tee off. No matter as I was more interested in knocking off the rust more than I was competing.

I started with a triple and ended with a bogey and was still satisfied with the round. I hit some pure shots and snapped hooked a few into the adjacent sycamores, but all in all it was a good round. The short game was the cause of the first triple, but it also bailed me out of a lot of holes as well.

I chipped one in, and got several others close enough to save par. The putter was rock steady and it was fun to drain some stupid 20 footers, and only miss one silly 3 footer. I struck the ball well but scored a little more than I thought I should have. I think I won the foursome by 3 strokes, but that's not saying much. I was the one who's ball didn't ricochet out of bounds after smashing into the huge oak. Instead, mine nestled neatly in the fairway :) Round highlights... If I hit the driver even a little less than average, I would have shot 10 strokes better. The short game is money. Mid iron game needs to be a little crisper. Lots of shots on the green, but too far from the hole. 3 beers at the turn makes it a much easier game :)

I got over to the in-laws for the birthday party and locked up a good weekend, that basically flew by without any real substance. The boys birthday was fun, but not too much hoopla.

I'm getting ready for the Borgata Summer Open in June, and scheduling writers and bloggers for the month. It should be a good field and a great time as usual. Look for more updates with a roster of writers and events that you should play in if you can get there.


BamBam said...

A game of Golf is definitly something we just have to make happen this Summer.

Gives me something important to look forward to.


Thanks for the pep talk but, it's just a hard thing to deal with you know? Yeah... I know you know.

1Queens Up1 said...

Great quote man. Just remember there's two "O"s in Goose.

Ill be looking for that schedule, the gf wants to hit AC soon.