Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Do you need something? A new job? A new car? How about a date? Even a TOC seat?

Just ask. I do favors. Whether it's selling a house, or winning an MTT, my skills are unmatched.

Fuel needed a house sold... BOOOOOM

CK wanted a TOC seat.... SHIP!

Yes, I do favors.

I've come into some opportunities over the last month or so and I wanted to share them here. There is a new online poker magazine launching May 1st. It's a pretty dynamic site and I dig the layout. The guy who started it has an online golf magazine as well and has much success. So I think running with this one is a no brainer.

For the first issue we have had interviews already with Howard Lederer, Jean Robert, and Lacey Jones.

You can view the mag here. I will be running a lot of biz dev stuff on this and writing some articles as well. We will start off a little slow, and then hopefully ramp up with a full version of content and poker related gadgets.

I'll announce the release of the launch and hopefully have the new logo shortly. Let me know what you think.

Oh, an ship me an email if you're dog is dying and you want it to live a little longer. I can square that away for you :)


1Queens Up1 said...

I need a new bumber for cheap, and I'd also like to win WSOP event #51 so I can quit my horrible job and do something fruitful with my life.

Is that too much? I'll take a cheap bumper. 2006 Sentra, dark blue.

Thanks in advance!

OhCaptain said...

Keep poker accessible in MN.

BWoP said...

So basically you're Rain Man with paranormal powers???

KenP said...

Index.html pages that morph into flash apps are very Web 2.0. They are also about as annoying as it gets.

A picture may be worth a thousand words but a magazine -- e or otherwise -- is based on honest to goodness words as the hook.

Just my opinion; I now return you to the regularly scheduled broadcast.

BamBam said...

Do good on the mag! That's what I wish for.


Fuel55 said...

If you can sell one house, why not make it two! Get this bad boy ( off my books!!!!