Thursday, April 16, 2009

HARRY the K Memorial Service

Only once in baseball history has anyone had a public viewing at a major league ball park. That was Babe Ruth. On Saturday, Harry Kalas will make history again as his casket will be placed behind home plate for all the world to come pay their respects before the game.

On Fridays game, the first half of the first inning will be broadcast with no announcing. Nothing but the crack of the bat, the ball hitting the mit, and the white noise of the crowd in the back ground.

Some other things that will happen:

• The television booth in Citizens Bank Park will be named the Harry Kalas Broadcast Booth, “That ball’s outta here!” A plaque will be hung to officially name the booth. The neighboring radio booth is named the Richie (“Whitey”) Ashburn Broadcast Booth, “This game’s easy, Harry.”

• The ceremonial first ball will be thrown by Harry’s three sons, Todd, Brad and Kane.

• Prior to the National Anthem, to be sung by Harry’s son Kane, there will be a moment of silence.

• All fans will receive an 8”x10” color photograph of Harry.

• Harry’s signature will be displayed on the field during the seven-game homestand beginning on Friday.

• For the entirety of the seven-game homestand, a black drape will appear in front of the Phillies radio and TV booths and the Phillies flag in Ashburn Alley will be hung at half-mast.

• A video of Harry’s career will be aired on PhanaVision.

• During the seventh-inning stretch, a video of Harry singing “High Hopes” will be shown on PhanaVision.

Additionally, for the rest of the season a billboard honoring Harry will be displayed on the outfield wall, and the legendary, "Outta Here!" home run call will be played over the PA system whenever a Phillie hits a home run.

This is a man who truly was the sound of Philadelphia Sports. Most around here, baseball fans or not know Harry Kalas, and have been impacted by his career with the Phillies and NFL films.

No one in Philadelphia pronounces Mickey Morandini anymore without saying Miickkeee Mooorandiiiniiiii, in Harry's accent and deep base voice.

He truly was iconic in his industry, and players were always stating that they couldn't wait to hear how harry called it after making a play, or hitting in a significant run, or reaching a milestone. He was revered by fans and players alike. Especially by his colleagues.

Most importantly, he was a fan. That escapes most everyone outside of the Philly area. Harry will be remembered most around these parts because he was truly a fan of his and our beloved Phils.

Good Hunting Harry. You will be missed!


1Queens Up1 said...

i truly wish i could be there.

Riggs if you do go at anypoint can you take some pics?

Thanks dude.

Chaarlie Hayes, Maaariano Duuncan, Pete Incaaveegleea.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Don't forget Jim Eisenreich. God I used to love that guy.

And of course "ok folks, Wild Thing time coming up in the 9th after the break." Ugh.