Friday, February 13, 2009

You friggin' people make me sick... All you did was weaken a country today Caffey!

I believe it was the beginnig of January when I placed odds on certain things happening this year. One of them was blogger drama. That was quickly dashed by something, I forget, but it was funny.

I dig that about you people!

Then this happened. Which in and of itself was a brilliant post to try and call someone out without really being a douche about it. Depending on how you look at it. The accused put up his own thoughts on things and I thought for a second that we were ready to rock and roll with some hard core blogger battle!!!!

Then people started throwing in their two cents. This guy must have had a conversation with a smarter player before he made his post cause GOD knows he has no idea how to think through any hands in any type of game. So it had to come from someone else. HAD TO!

Then Jordan announces that he had his hands mixed up. That just kills all the fun out of it. I mean, be right brother! I want it to be right! That would add at least a little justice.

Then, yet another person throws in her two cents in the comments and totally brings common sense to the thread with a perfect analysis of the hand stopping all comments DAMN THOSE ASIANS!!!

In the end, all we get is agreement and apologies, and apathy and "it's all good", and blaahahaha.

I blame not being able to extend the battle on WAFFLES! He's the root of all evil. I don't even know how he has time to listen to anyone else, let alone comprehend and absorb the information he so blatantly rips off of other people to put up such a clear and consise comment.

I mean, GAWD, where's the love. We need content people!!! CONTENT!!! Nothing better than arguments. Especially from feuding poker player lawyers from opposite sides of the coast, let alone different countries!!!!

Man I could have done so much more with this post if Jordan didn't confuse hand histories, or CK wasn't so damned smart!

Can we pretend that Jordan really does think his hand was worthy, and that he really does want to call out PL for crying all the time, or however Jordan put it? I think it would make a great lead up to the BBT4.

WE need something here people!!!! Friggin Waffles!


I was bored and needed a reason to rip waffles. Making fun of him for rubbing out to avatars and WOW characters doesn't seem to do it anymore


Shrike said...

This is just awesome.


HighOnPoker said...

It killed me to admit that I was wrong about one aspect of my analysis (that I had top pair, which actually came from another hand that PL berated me on), but I cannot tell a lie.

Sorry that PL and I couldn't sling more hate. I'll try to get it going again. Here goes: PirateLawyer is an asshole. Ah, who are we kidding. My heart's just not in it.

BWoP said...

Asian people ruin everything.

Are we sure Waffles is not Asian?

Schaubs said...

I think people are just scared. Plain and simple. Scared that if they say something truthful (albeit mean) that they will be look at as jerks, assholes, meanies. All those types of bad names. No one wants to be called a bad name like smart ass, loser, dirty whore, stinky slut, fucktard etc. The list is endless.

The fact remains, whenever something like this comes up, the whole community can get involved and jump off the fence from time to time and really say how they feel.

Fuck the police.

Did you order the code red?


Fuel55 said...

Youu're right - this could have exploded full scale, but instead just whimpered away. Sigh.

Wolfshead said...

Now that's the Riggs I know. Who's that warm and fuzzy character masquerading as you on the RPT site?

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Are you guys really looking for some shit? Cuz if you are, I can really start one. I got plenty of material to start slinging shit out to some of these cats. You just give me the green light and it's on.

Drizztdj said...

You guys play PLO8 like my kid attempting to tie his own shoes.

Damn, this doesn't work anymore :(