Monday, February 23, 2009

Cash Game Crazys!!! WARNING! Poker Content!

Friday night I got together with some old c-game friends. We used to play a ton together but they have been few and far between for almost a year now. They are all good guys and we have a ton of fun.

Some are ok players, some have zero clue, or choose not to play with a one. This isn't a very hard game, and I don't think there are too many people out there who have played for some time, that don't get at least he basics of checking raising and folding. But there are a few of these guys who take HERO calling and aggression to a new level.

Case in point...

It was a pretty odd night with the amount of big pots and suck outs. There was one particular fella who was there who I didn't know at all. He kept asking for a hand rankings card because he said he did not know how to play this game at all. He played a few hands that I thought were indicative of a highstakes cash game player. He got heads up by rerasing pre, and then check raising and what seemed to be floating and taking down nice sized pots. I thought he was just being a dick, but then I saw him go bust in a three way pot with J4 in a multi way pot eventually getting all three players to put their money in on a J high flop. The winner had a straight, the other player had top two. That put the thought of him being a player to rest. He quit after that.

Another particular hand I wasn't involved with had the two most aggressive players at the table going at it. There was a 3 bet pre getting these two head up.

The flop came K J 3. First to act made a pot sized bet, and the other called. The turn brought a 7. This time FTA checks, and the guy behind makes an oversized bet of about half more than the pot (1.5x's). FTA tanks and CALLS. The turn brings a 9 and FTA shoves. about the size of the pot this time. The guy behind now tanks and ultimately calls. With 44. He was kinda right, because FTA had 66, but he still lost. :)

I got into a hand on the button with Ac4c. There was a standard raise, with two callers and I elected to call as well. The flop came 9c 7c 7d. FTA made it a pot bet. The second player (Mr. 44), called as well. The guy behind folded, and I shoved. Now, it wouldn't be surprising to see one of them holding a 7, even with all of the action pre, but I decided to take a shot here. The guy who led out was popping every flop he was in. It was very likely he was just stabbing at moreso than anything else. Based on his play he is more likely to check if he has a 7 so I decided I was good against him.

Mr. 44 however could have had anything. FTA folds, and Mr. 44 tanks. He starts talking saying things like, "what do you think riggs? This would be a major suck out." I was silent and happy.
"Anytime you are bluffing you're always chatty. Your silence leads me to believe you actually have a hand". (LOL). "MAN, this would be sick!"

At this point I am trying desparately to figure out what he has. The only thing I could think of was a Kx of clubs. What else could he be drawing to? An overpair and he is snap calling me. A 7 and he is obviously snap calling me.

He looked at me again, and now I'm smiling at him. He giggles a little, and says, "Well, I came here to have fun, and I'm up $x dollars. Do you want to gamble?". I told him I was thirsty.

He reluctantly threw his chips in the middle and turned over Ah Kc. I flipped up my Ac4c and he stated he was surprised. LOL!!! Surprised. That's about the only thing he can put me on to even consider calling. My shove was about 2x more the pot. But he did. I said to another guy later that if I thought he was a thinking player, I'd give him credit for the call. But I just can't. He's not that guy.

Before I dealt the turn, we discussed his thought process with the table. He didn't offer up anything that made me feel that he thought it through strategically, but then he offered a chop. A chop?!?!? REALLY??

The table seemed to be ok with it. I asked again if anyone would be pissed, and no one objected. I asked him if he was sure, and he couldn't have agreed any quicker. I accepted it and we ended chopping FTA's money.

It was a rough night for me having to fold TPTK at least 3 times, being right doing so each time. Once I was against AA, and once I was against a set. The other time I'm not sure about. I have to think I was right because it was against the tightest player at the table. He didn't tell me, and I didn't ask. But it's been sitting in my crawl.

I raised up pot to two limper with AT. He flat called and the others folded. An Ace hit the flop with a 6h 2h. He led out and I raised him. He called. I was intent on raising the pot again if he checked the turn as I expected. The turn came a black Q and HE led out the same bet I was anticipating to make. Without hesitation. I immediately put him on Aces up. I thought about it for a while. More posing than anything else. I'm certainly not going ot the mat against this guy with AT. I folded, and showed my cards. He glanced and stacked his chips without saying anything.

One of the other guys seemed quite surprised that I could fold there (LOL), and I stated that if it was Mr. 44, or Mr. 66, I would be snap calling.

It was fun to get back to palying with these guys. It's quite a diverse group and everyone gets along quite nicely. I look forward to the next time.


jamyhawk said...

Hey Riggs,
I've been trying to contact you but I think I might have an old email address for you.

Hit me at broncohawk7 at yahoo dot com

Nice post.

BWoP said...

How do you shove with the nut crub frush draw and then agree to chop with two to come???


I have lost all respect for you.

Anonymous said...

Win or lose, i love those games. Its always fun. Hopefully, we can get something regular going for once.

Mr. 66

cmh76 said...

Enjoyed that post. Great blog you have here. Cheers.