Wednesday, January 14, 2009

WTF is your problem???? Shorty, small fry, Half pint, dwarf...

I'm guessing you have read, heard, or experienced the cold that has covered parts of the nation. I always thought Global Warming meant, well, warming. (go easy there Goat... breathe my man... breathe) I'm only kidding. JJ isn't, but I am :)

At any rate, it's coming this way and I figured I oughta check the news this morning to determine weather (pun intended) or not to ship the kiddies off to the bus stop, or just drive them in myself. Actually the wife figured to instruct me to find the info. Once I made her realize it was my decision to do so, and not just laying down to orders, I turned on the local fox channel.

They have the hottest chics so that's were I go for my info. Anywho, Sean Landetta, a punter in the NFL for 237 years, and once an eagle was on the set talking about the upcoming battle of the birds.

Man I wish I could find the video! If I do I will be sure to post it. The conversation was meant to be informative I guess, but the chic interviewing him got salty when he explained that the Cards defense was playing their best, the Cards were home, and therefore, the Eagles would have one hell of a time.

The interview was going very well. It started out very happy and giddy, talking mostly about punters, Seans thoughts on Sav Rocca and his road from rugby player to NFL punter. Lots of highlights of Sean and Sav, and then his take on the upcoming playoff game.

This chic is spunky. Very happy, very silly and was getting everything she wanted. Then he gave his predicition. She exclaimed "The Cardinals???" He looks at her with fear and says, "Well, yes.... (visually see him clear his throat) but the Eagles will win."

BLAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!!!! Turned this dude right there on live TV with nothing more than a look.

She looks at thim with eyes high and to the right, and says, "OH". Pauses for another half a second and says, "well at least the NFL doesn't discriminatet against short people. Not that it mattered for you anyway, you were just a punter... Maybe I should try out".


Then she puts her hand on his bald head and says, "I'm just kidding... love the hair"!

Fox goes right to the bumper and then commercial. You gotta love philly chics!

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