Tuesday, November 4, 2008

...well I have the microphone and you don't, so will listen to EVERY GODDAMN WORD I HAVE TO SAY!

It all comes down to today. I was out at the polls early this morning casting my vote. My poling station is never crowded. It serves my neighborhood alone, and there aren't very many of us. No reason to go super early really, other than the fact that I was up. So, done and done.
My father on the other hand is the Judge of Elections for the Borough of Norristown. His polling station is huge. Well, it services a huge amount of people. The joint itself is very small. It also services a very large population of minorities. Mainly hispanic, but also large percentage of the black vote as well. I called him after I left my station to see how he was doing. I figured it would be packed.
On the contrary, to his surprise, the traffic was very light. It is supposed to rain here today later in the afternoon. For Obama to really win, you gotta figure that he needs people to vote. They will always have the majority, but it is getting them out to actually vote that has been the problem.
If the Dems lose today it will be a testament to several things:
1) How the networks and cable news companies just literally destroyed the election coverage with their bias. I talk about that bias in the terms of what has been reported and how it has been reported. For the largest indication, look no further than the polls. It has been reported through different oulets that the Dems are as far as 13 point favorites. The others had it a closer race at 3 points.
2) That no matter how much money you spend as a candidate, to rely on the younger and minority vote, is a risky business. It seems that the Obama camp has done everything in their power to make sure that they get out this year, to his credit. That and the fact that people who normally vote, who just want change, will be out there as well casting their voice, there should be no excuse for losing this election.
3) John McCain is his opponent. The core of the GOP don't really like this guy. How does the party you run against not even like who they have put up against you and you still lose? republicans everywhere have some real valid concerns about this guy, but what has been Obamas platform has done a lot to put them back to the Repulican vote.
I still don't think the Republicans have any real shot here. If they do pull it off the whole Democratic party should be fired, renamed, and reworked as almost a corporate brand that gives away free pot and promotes gambling.
The scarier thing about Obama losing is the fact that the GOP will remain complacent. I don't think anything changes. And that is certainly worse than a democratic house, senate, and administration all together. At least in the short term.
Either way, at least get out there and vote. And be sure to do it EVERY SINGLE TIME it comes available to you. I can't understand how people think, well, this time it matters so I will vote. Voting is not a right to be taken so lightly. If you didn't vote last time, or other times because you just didn't care, then, IMO, you lose your right to complain about anything.
Apathy kills this country. Never is its damage seen worse than in elections. The people should decide who runs this country, based on their values and who they think is not only qualified to do it, but who shares their line of thinking. If you only feel passionate about voting because that is what has become "popular" then you are doing yourself and the country a disservice. Vote all the time. Not just when its cool to do so.
History will be made today. Be a part of it.
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I completely agree. Voting is part of our job. As citizens of free nations this should be an honor not something we try to fit in, but something we schedule around. It’s a lock. Everything else can be taken care of tomorrow.

I don’t agree with Riggs politically, and he also supports a horrific basketball team, but I do agree that everyone that is able should make their way to the polls and vote. The only way your vote doesn’t count is if you refuse to cast it.

SirFWALGMan said...

You should hire me to do a custom site :). Blogger is free stop your bitching and learn to use it. Judicious uses of P tags and shit like that will fix most of your idiotic problems. Blow.

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Obama will fix Blogger when he is president!!!

For serious, though, I have figured this one out. It's the compose view that's killing you. Go to html view. Get rid of any of the paragraph code or the other spacing tags, damn I forget what they are called now.

Find me on the chat and I will give you the 3 minute drill. You'll never have problems again, evermore.