Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Out of Order

I am laptopless. Al has it and is trying to redefine its working capabilities. I almost am enjoying the time (week or so) that I have had without it.

I get all my emails throught he phone and have really almost enjoyed the ability to ignore everything else. Although the work is really piling up.

It gets fixed in the next two days or I buy a new one.

The CHOP event went really well, and I need to thank everyone who helped out, dealt, or had any part in making it a succesful event.

Be back soon!


lightning36 said...

Life without a computer or my laptop? Don't know how I would survive anymore. I seem to live for deleting junk e-mail.

jamyhawk said...

Sometimes it is nice to be "un-wired".

Hope you enjoyed it. . .