Monday, October 27, 2008

One More!

On Their MotherFuckin' NECKS!!!!

THAT, is one of my favorite lines ever. Which I had never heard until last september from a friend who was speaking directly about the Mets and their series with the Phils.

My bro owns a screen printing shop that does T-Shirts. He worked one up with a picture of Steve Irwin that said "2008 World Series" A Phillies logo, a manta ray, and "Let's do it for Steve". he sold 200 of them out of the shop. I'll get a picture of one tonight and post it tomorrow.

I have so many stories to tell from the weekend, including: a bout with head lice, a charity heads up poker game, another bathroom that took a shit, a political discussion with a stranger who happened to be an Obama supporter, the cable going out in the 4th inning of the saturday night World Series, a new TV, and a small kitchen fire because Howard homered in the 5th last night.

But until they win, it's all Phils!


1Queens Up1 said...

any way i can land one of those shirts?

Need something to show off at Foxwoods...

Mondogarage said...

Good luck tonight. I should say if you want to defeat the Phils in a playoff series, it helps to be the Colorado Rockies. ;-)