Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Night Lights

Friday at the Bash was reserved for the Poker Tourney to help raise funds for Boobs.

I headed over to the Pub late because I had some field hockey duties to attend to. I was ride dad. I had my daughter and three other girls in the truck taking them from the school to the field. That converstation alone could fill a post, but I will save that for another day. Some of the topics that were covered... (10 year old girls mind you) Politics, boys, Honors Math. The boys part took about 13 seconds before I shut it down, the words "dumb math" was uttered to describe other students, and apparetly, 10 year old girls vote for McCain, and no one else, because Obama is "Stupid". Yay Parents!

Anywho... I head over to the pub to act as yet another shuttle and bring people to the location where we would be holding the torn-a-mint. Apparently I have an accent.

7 people piled into the beast and we headed over. I got to meet everyone who I hadn't yet, and we sat down and started to play. Our table, Falstaff, Al, CK, Drizz, to name a few was definately the table to be at. I think we had the most re-buys of any table as Al shoved blind the first 3 hands.

I know I had rebought at least 5 times, probably more. Of course they were double rebuys, so it was a whole lot more when multiplied by two. I had the hammer dropped on me by CK, and I fluctuated between super aggro and super tight. When the rebuy period was over I shoved on a raise and a call with 66 as shorty. The raiser folded and the caller called. With JJ. After tanking.

I took the canadien boys over to the sign in table and (re)taught them Skat and Heart Hand Diamond. That was fun for a bit, then we all got jammed up with the time.

We all ended up at the Diner with the Rooster in tow. I explained to everyone that they needed to try scrapple. Rooster said he knew what it was and ordered it. The only one to do so. I didn't, and that jammed him up a bit. I only ordered a blt, and scrapple doesn't go well. Plus the waitress informed us that she had "bleached" her hand. There was a make shift bandage around a wound she had on her hand, and when I said, "no worries", and rolled my eyes, she replied.. "well you ever know with diseases that go around today". The Rooster hit on her after that.

We finished up and headed back to the hotel. I dropped everyone off and headed back to the house. Alone. I was sad. and fell asleep about 4 times on the way back.

I got home between 5:30 - 6:00am and stayed up because the boy was awake when I got there. We took an impromptu nap at noon, and I didn't wake up until after 2. I knew I was going to be late to the pub to ready for the "bash" part of the bash, and was resided in the fact that I got some sleep, that would probably be the last until the next day. I was bummed about missing the Pub Olympics, but also knew that Team Al would be in fine shape. Even without my Big Buck Hunter prowess.

Everyone was there and ready for what was about to become an historic night....

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katitude said...

LMAO! This Canadian "boy" says thanks for the lesson on Skat and HHD.

You're coming to Vegas in December, right?