Tuesday, October 21, 2008

3 way post. funny, exciting, pissed!

Beautiful! Somehow I gather that these answers could be gotten amongst white voters in the midwest as well. Julius Goat... I'm looking your way!


World Series start tomorrow night and the city and surrounding areas are going crazy. There is a pep rally scheduled in the city for tomorrow. Local Schools, both public and Private are having "Phillies Day", where the kids can wear Phillies apparel instead of the required uniforms.

Parties will be had, bars will have specials, etc. We don't get there often, but when we do, the area goes all out. Local businesses offer ridiculous deals, there are block parties, weekly events get cancelled. It really is a fun time to be in town.

Of course the chatter heats up in the media with assumptions that Burrell or Howard will be assigned to DH for the away games. If not who will be, who should pitch, critique of the starting rotation, critique of the other teams youth.

There are well wishers, haters, people high on the fact that we are there, and people who are on the verge of almost suicide knowing that they will blow it. Either way it will be a very entertaining World Series to watch. I look forward to the double digit run games, and each team runnig through their bull pens like diarreah.

After todays work load is accomplished, I will shut down and do nothing but focus on the Phils. Its going to be a great week!


Now, let me ask your opinion....

My company was asked to help market a $20,000 free roll at the Borgata. It was a co-ed team tournament that was played as a freeze out. You just had to have a co-ed player with you. You weren't actually teammates. After the tournament, there was a FREE after party.

To become involved with this, you had to register, qualify, and then participate. UNLESS, you were a member of Riverchasers. All you had to do was send an email. We had put together 49 teams (98 players). There was a total of 340+ that played.

One guy (who entered through us), got into a spot where the dealer only dealt him one card. He showed the dealer one card (as if to say, "hey, I only have one card") , but she mucked him. Surely a mistake on the dealers part. But this guy then writes a letter to the Borgata asking for a "comp" room as compensation for the mistake on the part of the dealer which could have cost him "thousands" of dollars.

Remember that this is a free roll. With a free after party, hosted by DJ JazzyJeff at club MurMur.

I was contacted by the Director of Poker operations after he received the email from the player. I won't divuldge the contents of that email, but I wrote a reply on the Riverchasers forums about this incident. My stance is what the hell do you think you are ETITLED to??? How do you even have the gumption to ask for COMPENSATION???

It is very hard to get these type of events together. The sponsors and hosts spend a lot of money so that people will come and participate. Obviously it is a marketing ploy to just get people there and experience the Casino, the product, etc.

I am livid about this. How people think they are entitled to AYTHING from participating in a free roll. Even in events where you pay money to enter, you would get no recourse without understanding how the rules work. Apparently he did not speak up ENOUGH to remedy the situation, or did not understand the rules that once there is action in a hand, it cannot be called a misdeal.

His little email did not go over well at all and I'm not sure we will ever have the opportunity to do it at the Borg again. He also stated in his reply that the Borg emailed him and told him that he got a comped room. This is a lie. I have spoken to the powers that be and he did not get such an offer.

My staff works extremely hard to get these events to go, and one little selfish act can kill it for thousands. This bozo's stance was that he was a customer, and was treated unfairly. Unfairly!?!?!? CUSTOMER?!!???! You paid nothing! You were a guest, not a customer.

Jesus, I want to kick the shit out of someone right now.


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

First off, sheer brilliance from Howard Stern right there. And sheer fear it should cause everyone in this country who hears it. But that was brilliance itself.

Secondly, frankly I don't think the fact that the Borgata tournament was a freeroll has anything to do with your question. What I don't get is, how did the dealer "screw" him by misdealing in a hand? So what? We've all been part of misdeals in live tournaments before, and mostly all of them are worse than in this case. Here it sounds like your guy was only dealt one card and so had to sit out a hand. Big deal. How does he even know if the hand would have been any good for him (even if the one card he saw was an Ace, for that matter)? Throw a 2 in there for his kicker, and that shit's in the muck. Or worse yet, make the other card a Queen, and who knows if he goes busto against AK on that hand?

If the guy is gonna complain about a misdeal costing him thousands of dollars, at least let it be when he had the nuts and the dealer stupidly took his cards out from under his card cap and into the muck before he had actually folded. But for only being dealt one card to begin with? Makes no sense at all. But it is totally typical of what people -- Americans in particular, sadly -- have degernated into these days.

Remember David Singer at the WSOP a couple of years ago? Wanted his full 10k buyin back because some dude's cell phone rang at the table and he wasn't automatically mucked. The entitlement is just sick.

Drizztdj said...

Love the Palin bit.

I have $3 winning powerball ticket from the PA lottery that I can't cash here, if I come back to cash it in I'll bring my 27oz softball bat to metallically insert some sense into the freeroll douche.

Julius_Goat said...

ZOMG!!! This post uspet me!!!! I would like a buy-in to FTOPS Event 1 from you. You'll hear from my attorney. Who is Hoy.

Yeah, there are some ignorant people who are voting for Obama because of personality politics, aka, this guy is "like" me so I'm voting for him regardless of policy. This cannot be a surprise. I would be interested how many people they interviewed to get the two. I also have no doubt you could go to rural fill-in-the-state and get similar results pro McCain.

Obviously, those people should be much more informed than they are.

For fun, maybe I'll post some lovely clips of pro-McCain Palin personality politics from Ohio last week. It's just possible that abject ignorance and racial voting knows no party lines.

Riggstad said...

I agree with you Hoy about the "free" part. I think it was necessary to include to show that the participant had nothing of value at stake, therefore, IMO, making this a little more ridiculous.

Goat takes something that is obviously a joke and threatens legal action, then goes on to compare the idiocy of some McCain voters. At least they understand the issues at hand. They are informed at least to know who the running mate of their candidate is.

Drizz... I think the bat would be overkill. An Arm wrestling match would do just fine!


Shrike said...

The complainer just needs to have his head examined. Don't be too fussy in how you do it. ;)

There are few things more pernicious in this world than a sense of entitlement.


LuckTruck said...

Have you seen the McCain video where he has pulled the mic away from a speaker in the audience that bashed Obama racially? He pulls the mic out of this old ladies hand because she called him an Arab. McCain looked like he saw a ghost.

Riggstad said...

He always looks like he has seen a ghost. he's pasty White!

BamBam said...

Riggs man, did this ever NOT read like you! I get the fact that this deal has got you all jammed up. But in the big picture brother, you know you can't sweat the small stuff! (and this Turkey is some seriously small stuff!)

You know that you and your staff are a fine package that can make the folks at the Borg overlook what one idiot had to say or do.

Get back to yourself and move on! Knowing nothing this idiot did, had any actual impact on anything relivent in the world.

So get back on track and for Pete's sake, don't make me bring Olga down there!
(Mmmmmm..... Olga!)

Astin said...

Would I be right if I had one guess who this guy was?

Just let the Borg know this guy won't be allowed in any more of your events there. Let the guy know. If he complains, tell him nobody's making him participate and if he's going to be a whiney bitch, then nobody wants him around anyway.

Go Phillies! I mean, I (a) have to hate the Rays, them being a division rival, and (b) still want Gillick to come over here. Although that second point might not require a WS win if he's "retiring" anyway.

Julius_Goat said...

NUH UH MOFO!!!11!!!!

jasper6294 said...

Riggs, I know you're just trying to protect your brand and I won't regurgitate the valid points already made above.

Hopefully your relationship with the Borg is strong enough so that one RPT tool won't have a lasting impact.

Anywho, since I know I won't be collecting your 5K prize on Sunday, I already have a strongly worded letter in hand so that my stay that night will be comped... to which I am entitled.

Wolfshead said...

Riggs, relax. As the man said, don't sweat the small stuff. Guy's a dickweed who deserves only 2 words, shovel beating. BTW, found a perfect use for those RPT t shirts you hand out at the TOC. They soak up the sweat in phyical therapy sessions just great. People here thinking I'm some sort of degenerate gambler between the shirts and the online games.