Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Alcanthang - Supertramp!

Trip highlights...

1) flight getting there was delayed from Philly. Connecting in Atlanta (since I had to buy the tickets like 4 hours in advanced, TYVM), proved pointless because the connecting flight had left about an hour before we got there. Customer service lady giggled and said that the next available flight was 9:30am the next morning (12 hours for those of you counting). Then smiled and said have a nice night. I could tell that she had no chance of making any decision, so instead of arguing, and demanding, I looked quickly for a bar. I summoned Al to get his nose up and one was located toot sweet. Bar closed within 20 minutes of us getting there (cooler 1) "charlies" was open and sold loosies (sigle bottles) but that quickly lost its luster (cooler 2), and we ended using gate c24 as our billet.

2) To many meetings keeping me from precious sleep, hanging out with others, and playing any sort of real poker, or any type of real drinking. Lots and lots of meetings. All good

3) Friday check in and a quick run over to the Rio for first meetings. Al and Ck met up. We ran into Pauly, Otis, Meane Geane, Iggy, Ftrain, Don, and others. We all head to the "hooker" bar and start playing some video poker. I hit for $295 and free roll the hooch.

4) Ck and Kevin (Kevinwith_AK) and myself all head over to the Venetian to play some 1/2. All three of us at separate tables. First hand I win a $60 pot with no chips. Runner hadn't come back yet. Not one single hand played after that for about and hour. Table was dry, I was salty got up and went to another table. Spoke to CK at her table as I passed, and she was having a blast. Seemed like a good table. I go to another one, and sit right next to some indian chic (feather, not dots), who wont shut the hell up about playin 5/10, at a 1/2 table. Roy Wintson is her friend, she's playing the Main, blah blah blah, no one at the table is doing anything right, blah blah blah. Now usually I would just smile and play to take their coin, but I guess I was tired.
first hand I get I raise to $12 utg. (seemed like the average raise at that table). 3 callers, including the chic, and the flop comes air. I lead out $35 for no other reason than just wanting to play. Everyone folds and she says... "It's a 1/2 table sir!". I looked up and in retort exclaimed, what the hell are you babbling about? I didnt even bet the full pot. One guy mumble something about being cool, another guy did the same. I looked at the Dealer, threw him a red chip, and told the whole table that they were all a bunch of retards. I went over to CK told her what happened. She blamed e being an asshole on being tired, then giggled, like being tired had anything to do with me being an asshole.

5) head back to the IP... entire story there that has been told numerous times. I'll let you use your imagination. Me walking through one of the back alleys between the flamingo and the IP. Two working girls. One hand trying to get into my pocket... go!

6) 6:30 am I hear Al, or someon come into the room. He started off with.. "after you guys left the hooker bar, Grubby showed up and we went up to the Cheeta". Like I know what that is?!?
He then explained how Don and Grubby disappeared into the depths of that place to only realize that he was busto. An no way to know where they were. He ended up walking back to the IP. I asked how far the Cheeta was. He said, somewhere up near Binions. ahhhhhhh! an early morning vegas walkabout! Pure gold, and I would expect nothing less...

more too come next time...

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