Friday, May 30, 2008

So it's sorta social, demented and sad, but social. Right?

I have so much I want to write about some of the business stuff. I've taken a lot of meetings with execs from Casinos, online folk, and some Mag people, and all is lining up like a big grapefruit coming out of the pitchers hand and making its way to the plate just begging to be crushed. But its not an appropriate time to give the details, so like a bitch, I tease...

I have been running amok lately taking those meetings, the kids are all over the goddman place with basketball, karate, dance, school trips, school plays, and of course studying. The last weekend didnt help with a pile of parties, and of course, the kitchen ceiling decided to fall down because a seal broke in the drain of the tub in the kids bathroom. That was fun, but fixed and we move on.

I'm not (don't) sleeping much at all, and with the active schedule, I am getting run down. I've had this stupid cold for like 3 years, and my basketball game is very sluggish on Sunday nights.

I figure its time to get back into shape... for real this time. So I did some research.

I have a plan on a spreadsheet already typed up. What to eat, when to eat, and when and how to exercise. The workout will consist mainly of plyometric type stuff, lots of pushups, situps, and a simple weight routine. I will also start practicing juijitsu again, but nothing too extreme. Really just to get some cardio in and gain some flexibility back.

A friend has a full gym in his house and he wants to learn juijitsu, so we will train together, and I will be able to us his gym whenever I need to.

On the diet front, I have to make some drastic changes. I'm not one for diets at all, but it has gotten way out of hand. Fast food has become a staple, because, well, its easy. and fast. So its time to soldier up and get her done...

For one, I'm a coke fiend (pop, not blow). I went through some sites and these are the changes I will be making....

No more coffee... Instead green tea. Why? Because I drink my coffe with half and half, no sugar. But I also believe they call it half and half, because thats how you use it. Half coffee, half half and half. That oughta cut out some calories.

No more sugar... This is mainly going to effect my coke problem. Any soft drinks or ice tea will now be sugar free... That oughta cut like 2,000 calories a day.

Starting yesterday, I am going to try at least 100 pushups/ situps a day. probably 5 sets of 10 in the morning and again at night. Pull ups are just impossible at this point. In the Marine corps I did 37 pullups in a row. Yesterday I couldnt do 2. My fat ass weighs in at a cool 256 right now.

I plan to be at around 230 by August first (210 is the overall goal). I know, a lofty goal, but according to the spreadsheet and some advice from a personal trainer/nutritionist friend it should be completely doable.

I'm a very disciplined person when I focus, but the toughest part will be meetings, poker games, and just the regular dinners with the kids and such. I"m a big fan of comfort food, so cutting that loose is going to be rough. The new diet will now consist of lean meats, veggies and fruits, fish, chicken. Cutting bread out will be hard. Not completely, but I love me some good Italian bread.

Breakfast will consist of cottage cheese and a piece of fruit.
Lunch will mainly be a salad of some type with maybe a piece of meat
Dinner will be extremely small variation of lunch with maybe some starches like potatoes or something, but the biggest change will be the timing of dinner. It will have to be eaten before 6pm. Thats a crazy number for me since we normally eat very late. Plus I can see midnight rolling around and wanting to eat the ass out of a horse.

Went out in the mook and the RC in 18th place the last two nights... Big game is the last chance for the final TOC seat. Hope to see all there...

Have a great weekend!


RaisingCayne said...

Best of luck with the health goals!

My Doc just told me to get down to 210 asap myself, (from 225 currently,) but I feel I'm far less ambitious than you appear, given I've put no thoughts or plans into it, (and my cup of coffee is still half half&half and FULL of sugar!)

Have a great weekend...

lightning36 said...

If you stay up late, you'll have a hard as hell time sticking to your plan. Get me late at night on an empty stomach and I am a terror of teeth and slobber ...

Astin said...

And here I am rueing being 175, with a goal of 155-160 again.

Tip on the weight loss - keep a daily graph of your progress, and keep track via a moving average. since daily weigh fluctuations are largely a function of water weight, the variance can be large. A moving average line in the graph lets easily lets you know if you're overall progress is going the way you want. It's actually a big psychological boost to know that even though you gained 2lbs since yeterday, your trend is still solidly downwards.

And my general concept of any diet is that the only thing that matters is that you consume less calories than you burn. Nothing wrong a with a steak dinner, as long as you don't have the triple cheese quesadillas with a large shake for lunch.

Blonde said...

Its wonderful that you are trying to get healthy. Fat free half and half is just as good as real half and half. It is the one ff thing you can't tell the difference.

If you really want to get healthy you should cut out caffeine too. I eat healthy and take care of myself, but caffeine is my crack. It depletes you body of vitamins and it fucks up your insulin levels which effects losing weight. It is my personality in a cup and I just can't do it though.

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