Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Not to go after criminals because they might try to harm you is really not a policy of the FBI. See, we try not to say uncle. We try.

Scene 1: Corner of an old crusty bar somewhere in Phoenoxville, two cynical, yet happy gentlemen drinking under the premise of work

hippy: I think I'm going to the shore Memorial Day weekend
good looking, intelligent, awesome dude: What? you can't!

Hippy: What the fuck does that mean? Who are you my father?
GLIAD: No, I mean Bam is coming to town.. (FAAAAAWK!) mistake one

Hippy: He is? How do you know, I didn't see anything on his blog, and he certainly didn't call me.
GLIAD: Ahhhhh Fuck, it was supposed to be a surprise! Lets pimp him.

{backround bar noises while the two hover over a laptop devising a plan. Hippy looks confused and amazed, while the GLIAD speaks}

Hippy: Genius, this is all a great plan, save for one aspect.
GLIAD: Whats that?

Hippy: I met him in person already. He knows what I look like, and he knows that I know what he looks like... Remember? In Toronto? Strip club, poker room, Casino, hotel? NO? not recalling any of that?

Ok, so I fucked it up. Bam was coming down ninja style and had asked me to make sure everyone was going to be there. He wanted to surprise a couple of people. Being it a holiday weekend I knew it would be trouble to get people around, but Al and Donkette were def going to be around. the trouble was a slip of the tongue to Al some two weeks before the actual event.

So I tried to turn it around. Of course I had no shot of helping out because of the fact that I would be watching he tribe all weekend because the wife would be working. She was scheduled to work until about 10:30 getting home around 11 and I was going to head over to the Pub to meet up with my northern friends with Al and BigMike. Hell, maybe JDub would be there as well.. always a bonus.

Wifey decided to stop for a drink herself on the way home with a neighbor who just happened to be near the Old Navy she was working at when it was quittin' time. And since I was out til about 6 am that morning playing poker, I guess she figured she didn't need permission. It has taken her about 15 years of marriage to learn, understand, and utilize the credo that I have used constantly since the beginning of our relationship, which is... "It's easier to get forgiveness than it is permission"

I dont mind really, but the difference is whatever she asks of me would always be a resounding "yes".. "hey, I"m going to stop for a glass of wine" - sure dear... "Hey, Kim wants to head to New Hope for some shopping on Friday night" - No problem, whatever...

See thats the easy part with me. Just ask.

With her, it usually goes like this... "Hey, um, I was thinking of heading down to the baseball game with Miller and Snakster" - WHAT???!?!! WHEN?!?!?! AGAIN!?!?!!

So I don't ask anymore... I just go, then say I'm sorry when I return home... although that seems to be needed less these days, cause I think she finally gets it. Seems to work better that way :)

Sucks I missed Bam and Pebs but I know within the next three months he'll/ they'll be here again, at the bash, and the way things are going these days, 3 months is like a week.

So being at home, all by myself, kids asleep, I decided to catch up on some work. But I got bored fast. So I watched a movie. The Kingdom, starring Jamie Fox, Chris Cooper, and Jen Gardner. This was a really good movie. What starts out as a movie trying to make a political statement, turns quickly into a Tom Clancy type military, shoot 'em up flick. Right up my alley!

Go see it if you wish.. very cool movie. I can't get over how good of an actor Jamie fox is. Really. Everything he does is done really well. Chris Cooper does a good job as well as always, but I can never get the thought out of my mind of him turning queer and then killing Spacey in American Beauty. Jen Gardner does a remake of Sydney from that spy show she did on one of the networks, and Justin Bateman plays the goofy smart kid, always telling jokes. Reminded me of the side kick he played in Dodgeball sans the stupidity.

Overall it is a very entertaining movie, and well done.

Big week on the business side, and I will have updates on some of that in the next few days.


katitude said...


OK, I get who the hippy is in your story, but who is the "good looking, intelligent, awesome dude"?

*grins and ducks....

BamBam said...

I can't believe you listened in to that conversation between the hippie and the gliad for so long! Wow you got some balls.


Really sucked that we missed you this time brother. It would've been great to see you again.

FWIW... I'm kinda pissed off Al's plan didn't work out! What a blast it would've been getting kicked out of the pub!