Thursday, May 15, 2008

come look at this turd! It looks like Klinger from M.A.S.H.!

If you didn't hear last night, is hosting a contest on a new logo.

Break out your photosho, start those creative juices, and enter your design. Send it to and you could be part of history! Well, maybe not history, but at least you'll get a cool looking jacket and a nice hat with the embroidered logo that you designed.

Things are moving quickly with this new venture and we are close to getting some really cool opportunities cracked. Stay tuned for more info on upcoming events, more coverage of your favorite online games, and other promotions that will no doubt entertain you to know end.

Thanks to everyone that has helped to this point, and to all of you who listen in night in and night out.

Mookie last night blew dick balls and I can't ever seem to get anything going in that damned thing. 2 second place finishes, one third, and one final table with the chip lead that I blew when I fell asleep. What a cooler!

Congrats to JD and Evy for getting heads up and to Jd for taking down his eventual 2cnd seat in the TOC.

Riverchasers tonight and god knows what the format is this time. NL O/8 anyone? I just don't feel like checking right now! Either way, sign up and have a blast. And may the best cards win!


Mookie said...

How long does the contest run?

Drizztdj said...

Wait a minute, I missed the NLO8?!?!?

Now THAT's a bad beat.