Sunday, May 4, 2008

And so it begins

Sunday Morning here at the Borg, its about 8:30am and Pert and I have been here since 4am. I don't sleep anyway so I figured to get down here early just to make sure that if there was any problems we could get them squared away early.

We sat in the Metro, (24 hour cafe), and drank coffee, and made fun of all of the girls that were half dressed. You east coasters know exactly what I'm referring to as well. Its the look of the chic that got all dressed up to party, and then just falls apart come 12 bells. Dresses all torn, makeup all smeared, and shoes off... and that's if they haven't been drinking. Shove some booze in them, and it gets even more interesting.

The poker room was pretty heavy with $5/$10 tables (about 6 that I saw) in the areas where there would normally be $2/$5 and $1/$2 rings.

I have heard so far that my estimation of over 600 participants is falling way below the line with only about 440 or so registering for the event, which now starts in about 2 hours. We'll know by then. but the line is getting longer and longer. Listen in on the show and you'll get live updates.

We are set up in the room at our little desk. I will be interviewing players before the start of the tourney, and will most likely be taking some pictures as well to put on the blog here, and the BDR site and wherever else they end up.

We got some realyl good interviews already taped, and some more interesting ones coming so listen in at any time. I'll post another update this afternoon....


OhCaptain said...

Have fun today! Won't be able to catch any of it. I'm still trying to clean out the last few remaining poker players in Vegas with money. If I get that done, I'll definitely tune you guys in! ;-)

Tom McMenamin said...

I think the listeners totally enjoyed the Bay City Rollers !! Very insightful Allen Cunningham interview !