Monday, April 28, 2008

Lets look at it this way, If you do, know one knows, it you don't everyone knows. There really is no upside

Thanks to everyone for the comments on the new look. I do think blue on blue is a little rough, and swicthing back to just the banner is, well, just blah, so its back to blue, but changes are forth coming as I have reverted to my web guy to work on some tweaks.

Now that the Ghey is out of the way, I have to make this public announcement...

I must respectfully bow out of the most anticipated weekend for me, this year. I have told the man himself, and have offered him my apologies, but business must come first. I still have a plane ticket and have offered it up to a certain "celebrity" type person who may or may not be able to make it. I'll keep updates.

The reason I must jam on this weekend, if you haven't heard by now, is that the BDR show will be broadcasting live from the Borgata during their $500k guarantee, Sunday, and I will also be down there basically all weekend gathering interviews, and other type stuff to help launch a new revolution in poker radio.

That is a show actually worth listening to, during the largest and most sought out after tourny's in the country. Now, a 2k buy-in tourny is obv not large, but the structure to this one is notable, and will have a lot of people playing.

Look for lots of good things on the radio with interviews from pros, players, and celebrity type folk who will tell nothing less than the truth, and talk about way more than just hand histories, and what to do with Aces in the high jack position.

Please take the banners off of the earlier post and get'em up on your blogs to pimp. I will be sending a certain something special to the mook weekend for everyone to enjoy in my absence, and hope that it takes the edge off :)

Off to the Borg right now to try some sample recordings, and, well, some other extra curricular activity while I'm there :)

All for now


BWoP said...

You suck.

But I pimped the broadcast anyway.

Instant Tragedy said...

Riggs doesn't suck. Now gets sucked out on? Yeah pretty much. Wish I could go to WAM but Have to do the Broadcast!



lj said...

i'll be there for the tournament --would love to meet you!

katitude said...

that sucks about Mookie babes :-(

Astin said...

Well if Riggs isn't going, neither am I! Now watch as WAM falls apart all due to the Borgata broadcast!

Okay, I'm lying... I'm still going. But if Mookie drops out...

RaisingCayne said...

Hope the broadcast runs smooth! Good luck with the weekend's festivities upcoming.