Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Don't do drugs

Here's Perticelli in true form smok'em if you got 'em :)


BWoP said...

That is the most distrubing thing I've ever seen.

Maybe it's a good thing my spat w/Pert didn't end up in fisticuffs.

Instant Tragedy said...

Wow! Kids, If this doesn't scare you straight... nothing will.



BamBam said...

No drugs....No drugs....No drugs!

Watch video again....

No drugs....No drugs....No drugs!

There! That should heal me.

Hey wait!!! No drugs start with a 'G' and come in a bottle right?

RIGHT !!!!!

katitude said...

think he'll give me permission to play it in the school as a cautionary message? *grin.

SHA-BOOM! nuthin.