Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ya see, THIS is what you get, when you spill paint in the garage...

So last night, Instant tragedy pings me and asks to come on the BDR show. I got nothin' better to do so I say sure. I download the software and log in and BOOOOOOOOOOM... I'm all ready to go.

I put the microphone in the port and start to talk, adn it doesn't work. Nothing, no sound...

Ok, no worries. I take it out, and look it over. Its like free standing little thingy that was bought to do podcasts and such. Fucker still doesn't work. Now, I"m in my office alone, and the frustration starts to build a little.

When little things like this happen it goes kinda like this...

step 1.. ok, there's problem. I'm sure there is a simple solution

step 2.. Ok, this should be the fix. Very simple misunderstanding, I get it now

step 3.. Well, that didn't work, there must be something else

step 4.. Listen you, I just remedied the only possible things that could be the issue. Now fucking work

step 5.. Walk away, regroup

step 6.. repeat steps 1-4

step 7.. Smash the inanimate objext to pieces screaming "HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW BITCH?!"

step 8.. apologize for not being able to help out tonight to Sean and Scott.

Things work in my world work, or they get fixed, or they are disposed of in a mannerly fashion. Probably a flaw. I have to work on that.

I dig the MATH format 6-max, and have missed it for the last couple, three weeks because of prior engagements. I was happy to hear that Fischman would be joining us again to squash the talk of being a one timer and bailing. Hence he is signed up again tonight for the Skillz series.

I text him and set up a prop bet. last longer. He text back saying sure, any donation you would like to make. Friggin spew monkey wouldn't last long tonight. I knew it!

Now regardless of the prop bet (and its amount), I like 6 max because of the aggressive nature you can take. The first table I did just that and took some pots early to get to about 4900 rather quickly. I felt good. Things were working , and I hadn't faced any tough decisions yet.

Then I get moved to a table where I have tiltaway two to my right, dwal tdirectly to my right, and bad blood directly to my left. Neither of them gave me any chance to be aggressive. I mean everytime I would prepare to open raise, Tilt or Dwal would do so before me. and if they didn't and I did, Bad blood would shove on me. It was a tough spot to be in with such aggressive players on either side. And the fact that the best hand I saw was AQ, having to lay down to a BB shove was bad enough.

I chipped down to about 2600 just by having to laydown pre to aggression. It was rather disheartening. I shoved on badblood when he raised my limp utg with 55. I thought the limp would look suspicious, and he said it did and laid down AK. I didn't make much on that and I wished he would have called just to try to double up with the race. Oh well...

In the mean time, Fish is sitting there, not playing many hands, being very tight, hovering around the starting stack through the first break and into half of the second. As soon as I busted, he started shoving. Finally goes out when he shoved 78o from the small and failed to catch up...

Tonight will be more of the same. Scott is an exceptional stud player, so it will be fun tto watch a whole bunch of monkeys suck out on him this time. I will get great enjoyment watching this, and hopefully outlast him to get my cake back...

For my canadian bike friends... This is a bike I wanted some 2 years ago. It was for sale but at a ridiculous price. One of my hobbies is carpentry and I have tinkered around with welding and mechanics. The point is I am pretty handy and it is a relief outlet for me to bury and just build shit. My goal is to build this thing for myself. I don't know when I will, but its on tap for 2009. We'll see....


Joanada said...

now that is hot

katitude said...

Dude..get on it.

Otherwise you're just gonna have to ride bitch with me when I head down there in the summer.

Hmmm...on second thought... *grinz

snakster said...

"Otherwise you're just gonna have to ride bitch with me when I head down there in the summer."

Now THAT'S a picture.

pokerpeaker said...

Riggs, don't misunderstand me, I'm not as upset as some of the bloggers. I'm just point out my ONLY complaint about pros playing in these things and winning. Personally I'm with you about the fact that it's pretty fucking cool to have well-known pros play with us, and I hope more join us in the future. Personally I'm a Fischman fan.
You have to understand too that my comment wasn't out of my own bitterness. I won't play many of these events, save for the Mookie, and my chances of getting a WSOP seat out of this series is close to zero. I just want to see more bloggers like Dr. J get a chance of a lifetime out of something like this. That's all. See you tonight!

P.S. That's usually how I approach fixing something too, which is why my wife usually has to intervene around step 5 or else everything in my house would be broken.