Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Well, I suppose I'm deranged, but I guess I'll just have to call... cover your ears darlin'

Skillz and Bodog last night as usual... what a fun time!! Congrats to Smokee for taking down the skillz series and to New for taking down the bodonkey.

I finished in the 20's in both not really getting any cards, and having some distractions along the way. I remember in the bodog trying to reraise a Zeem bet early on and being timed out. Zeem indicated that he would have folded and it just points out how frustrating the bodog poker client can be at times. I cant believe that there isn't a "request time" button or something. At least I haven't found it.

Anyway, I get into one hand with Warcrimes. I have presto and standard raise pre flop. he calls being short and the flop comes air. I bet and he calls. We both check the turn and he bets out a little under pot on the river. I tanked but couldn't really put him on anything. His flop call seemed weak, and the check on the turn seemed weaker with a short stack. If he has any piece of it or thinks he can steal I believe he would have put the rest of his money in. He was short, and I just don't see him trapping here.

I called his river bet and 5's were good. He typed well plated (hurtful) and some other things indicating he thought I mindlessly made that call without thinking, when in reality, I made the right read and right call. But of course he lost, and had to blame something else other than is failed attempt at a steal on the river on something else other than his own play. So I fire back...

"you're so tranparent". We get into it a little, and he says "lets play heads up cash game".

LOL... HU!!! as Al would put it, "the call of the lemur". I mean if you are going to say something like that, well, you might as well ask me to arm wrestle. Or, you might as well tell everyone how little experience you have playing this game ( < 4 years)

Of course I fire back and state that he doesn't have enough of a bankroll to play me in a cash game. Some more stupid comments go back and forth and I pick up KK.

He raises with AT, I shove and he calls. The flop opens with two Aces and he takes the hand stating "ship it". Another class act. I call him a clown, and we go at it again.

Then he goats me into playing a heads up cash game at 1am on bodog, at 1/2 nl stakes. I agree.

He says he'll ping me, and I tell Sean via IM to let everyone know that this "death match" will be going on for all who want to watch.

I finally felted him when he raised with AQ, I jammed with TT and boarded quads.

We actually have more conversation in the chat on bodog before he departs and we make up like good little boys. I'm not ripping him in this post at all. And overall, we both acted like dopes, and understood it. And I'm not calling him out for not pinging me either. 1 am was 2 hours away and I'm sure he fell asleep, and I'm not at all concerned about it. Plus I was busy playing a cash game on tilt and watching Hoy take 8th yet again in the 50/50.

The point is two players can get into it, and still find a way to understand that at the felt, its all about the game and really part of the game. Tilting someone or getting into them a little will often times go a long way.

The skillz series was a blast fest as expected. Pot Pot call was often times seen throughout many hands. PLO is just one of tose blogger events where the luckiest guy/ gal will win. End of story.

There is way too much blasting going around where you will have to avoid hands like this to get deep and have a chance of winning.

Tonight is the Mookie and yet another shot at procuring a WSOP seat ... seat :)

GL all!


StB said...

That is the hilarity of people criticizing the play of another. They do not understand the thought process involved with making such a call, or even better, that their actions or previous play made it an easy call to make.

Drizztdj said...

Omaha is a silly game.

Therefore, play silly to win :)

BWoP said...

Have you guys started picking out china patterns yet?

Evy said...

i mean seriously, get a room you two.