Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The hard deck for this hop was 10,000 Ft.

Last nights skillz game was fun. I love LO8 and will continue to play all of the non nlhe games whenever offered and I have the time.

Just some things... Lots of ripping going on, which is fine with me. I think it makes for a very fun time, and just adds entertainment value to the game. The issue becomes however, when some people, who don't necessarily understand the musings of some people, take it serious, or less than comical.

It's a very fine line... On one hand, we want and need the new players for Al to continue to work his magic. On the other hand, if someone can't take a joke, I think its on them to grow thicker skin.

I saw at one point Miami Don kind of getting into Jec a little for not posting trip reports. I think his point was that Jec kind of owed it to the community to post a day by day recap, and was just pointing out his opinion. Which he is allowed. Jec got a little aggrevated about it, or at least the way the opinion was given to him and some things were typed that weren't necessarily cordial.

I don't begrudge Don his opinion at all. I myself would have enjoyed reading a day by day recap as well. But I didn't expect it, and don't necessarily have an issue with Jec for not doing so... And I certainly have not been a part of the "community" nearly as long as most have. But I must state here that I don't think Jec "owed", or "owes" anyone anything. Also, Jec wasn't much of a poster anyway before hand, so I don't understand the expectation. He has indeed promised a recap. Opinions aside, I don't think anyone is at fault. I just think things could be nicer during the games. And thats all I have to say about that....

In other news... Snakster put up a post yesterday about 6 max sng play and wether outlplaying or outlasting the competition is the better play. Then this morning he sent me an email saying he read fischmans advice on it, ans was surprised to see his advice on being super aggressive.

This is my response...

The resounding theme in his advice is aggression wins, but he also clearly states that in the beginning there is no need to bluff... His advice basically relates to clearly outlasting the top three. He does however advocate overbetting pre with a premium hand as to make sure you get less calls with marginal hands. So yes, that would be aggressive. Its just making sure that the holdings advised to make those plays with are premium hands. Once to the bubble, it is right to play super aggressive. Especially at the $6-$20 level in the 6 max's, most are trying to cash and will lay down bigger hands, and make no moves at all without a top 5 hand. Exploiting this will allow you to win more sng's than by playing to outlast mode. By playing this way you should be able to accumulate a lot more chips, enabling you to WIN more than just take 2cnd place money. It takes 3 second places to equal first place (net) money. That is $18 for $36. A first place win gets you $24 for a buyin of $6... both netting $18

So one win is worth 3 seconds.... play for first everytime. You wont get there consistently trying to outlast everyone all the way through.

And some general nuggets I picked up from last night's girly chat with Snak and Al....

I had asked Al if he was at the pub... "no, I'am at church reading the bible to orphans"
Al and I both trying to convince Snak to play in the skillz game... "I'd rather have root canal on my johnson"
lucktruck recounting a hand in PLO... "his 9 may as well have been an apple" (explaining his opponents ridiculous call with what was on the board and in his hand)


Chad C said...

I am glad everyone is enjoying the Skill Series. I know it can be very frustrating at times to play limit with beginners, but overall I think it is very fun. I hope you continue to play :)

Riggstad said...

Every single one I am available for!

I have played a lot of limit stud, o8, and plo in the ac casinos since they opened, and I was just a wee law breaker. Still my games of choice.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

100% agree on just about everything in this post, Jim. I do love playing these non-nlh games with everyone, and on some sick level I get enjoyment out of seeing the cards that a lot of these guys like to play. In theory that should make it easier for the people who actually know to fold hands like KT88 3 suits in O8, but in practice as you know it rarely shakes out that way.

And I've written about this before, but I certainly agree about people being nice in the chatbox. Everyone gets to make their own decisions in life, but my decision is not to trash on people in the chatboxes of our private tournaments. The games were made to be friendly and unlike reading someone's blog, people don't really have a good option to just turn off the chat without missing out on catching up and joking around with other friends while we play. Just my 2 cents.

Nice comment on my blog today too man, you are so right that poker blogging and the private tournaments beget more players and more bloggers. It is fun as hell watching the community grow.

Catch ya tonight at the Mook.

BamBam said...

Sorry your horse ran out of steam last night Riggs!
Al beat me by what? 2 spots.

The one beat to get quartered on the river no less, was a beyatch to take and I couldn't get anything going after that. In the end it was push and hope.

Typical for me these last few events, I was dealt 4 "sets" burried in a row as the blinds went to 500/1000.