Thursday, October 11, 2007

Law just don't go around here Mr. Lawdog, Savy?

Its getting that time again.. that is the time of year where everything becomes a blur. Those of you with children of the younger age understand what I am getting at. First was the beginning of school. Then comes all of the activities that come with that school, such as cheerleading, basketball, Soccer, music lessons, homework, Halloween, halloween parties, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Christmas parties, and all the birthday parties in between. I have two girls in school, one in preshcool, and a boy about the age of 15 months...

It is also the time of year where the companies that I work with want to get everything done before the new year so that budgets can be constructed, manipulated, and over planned for the new coming fiscal year.

This adds up to no time for me. NONE!

I missed Al three times this week as we prepare to launch something very cool for all of the internets people, the RPT, and anyone else who wishes to participate. so as Al states in his blog, fill up on those tokens... It will be worth it...

Poker has been dull for me the last week or so. I had a huge chip lead at the HOY on
monday only to get 2 outed by another chip stack, build back up to 7k, and bubble the FT.

Mook was less exciting and not even notable. I have been cold decked so badly that it is even worth discussing. all I can say is that I will follow my own advice and play through it.

I will miss the donkament tomorrow because of an event I must attend but will be back for the Hoy on Monday....

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