Friday, August 24, 2007

Status Quo

Cograts to THIS GUY for taking down the RC tourny last night. Well done Kid! Well done!

I do so well and then just donk in most of these blogger tournies... I really don't get it. I have a second in the mookie so far this year, a couple seconds in the RC, and two seconds in the special sunday Horse events for RC...

this week at the Mook I was around 3 in chips with 12 left... I raised utg with 22 fully expecting to get away if there was a reraise. Now I NEVER, EVER play this hand. EVER! However, with the table being super tight, I figured I would make a stab utg with a raise to try and take down the rather large blinds. I was three tabling, one the Dook (where I came in third), and a $20 45 which I was also doing well in (chip lead with 6 left). I raise in the mook, and looked at the other table. When it came back up with my turn to act everyone had folded to me except the BB who shoved.

I swear I saw and extra 1500 to call, so I instacalled. Except it wasn't 1500. It was 5800. 2/3's my stack with the previous raise. He/ She had 10 10 and I lose. I was out like 4 hands later.

Yesterdays RC I do pretty well for the first 10 minutes, increasing my starting stack by about 400. In the bb I get 88. There is a raise to 80 with 4 callers. I pot bet to 440 and get two callers with Dabag (UTG) as one of those callers. The flop comes 5 9 5 two clubs.

I pot bet the 1440 after thinking about it awhile. I figured two things. His call to my reraise preflop disounted him holding AA or KK, and possibly QQ. And anything under 99 IMHO, would have had made him fold pre as well. Dabag is a pretty solid player and I assumed that could possibly be the case.

I guessed my pot raise on the flop would have to absolutely get him off of 10 10 - JJ, and possibly QQ guessing that my reraise pre would make him think I have AA or KK.

The problem was that after thinking a while, he shoved. I couldn't stop thinking that there was no way he just called pre with a pair smaller than AA or KK, and would fold with any mid pair or 10's-Q's.

So that left me with the fact that he could be possibly holding A K/Qc...

After the time ran down to the timer with 1 second I called.. against all my will, and of course he showed QQ. I would normally never do this, but I watch dabag play often as he plays in almost all of the blogger events and all of the RC events.

I guess I was hoping my read was right, and I guess I figured it wasn't after he shoved, but I just couldn't help myself from not making a terrific read. To bad it was completely wrong.

I won 3 sng's after that a 10, 20, and a 30.. and 2cnd in a 10 -18 so the night was not lost...

Congrats to Fish for taking it down! Now excuse me while I go make a bacon sandwich!

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