Friday, August 10, 2007

Al CAN Hang

So much to write about and just haven't had time because of all the road tripping I've been doing trying to get my company back into shape as it relates to a certain area... I will get after that this weekend.... with some absolutely shocking, and wierd, and just funny stories... but for now..

Alcanthang must be changed to alCANhang, at least for a week... now I know his surname is related to another activity but to take down the RPT online tour tournament is a huge win!, as he did last night, amongst a rather light field of 38 flyers...

and Al didn't start until he had 2500 left in a deepstack tourny.. (status quo for thursdays however) I'm sure you will all know and read about the beats he strapped on most of us, but Al, like every other soul, is also allowed to get lucky every once in a while... Maybe I will finally get him his RPT shirt.. but since we just sponsored a racing team, maybe I'll give him the RPT Racing shirt instead... I think he'll dig that, checkerd flagged logo and all :)

Good Game Sir! and my sincerest apologies for missing the Boat, yet again, for another week... Alas, I shall clear thy schedule and make sure THIS week will have a different outcome...

My elbo already hurts!

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